Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Modern Toilet Restaurant 便所主题餐厅: Taiwan's most popular theme restaurant

Here's a throwback post to a restaurant I greatly miss — Modern Toilet Restaurant — because of the fond memories and the great food I had there. I've read many online reviews about how tourists have said that it is nothing but a novel theme, and I thought they must have ordered the wrong food. Or that they weren't used to Chinese food. Around for many years, let's look at whether the novelty of Modern Toilet Restaurant is still existing.
There is a minimum spending of NTD80 (SGD3.40) per head, but just a meal alone would exceed that value.

The seats are in the form of toilet bowl and decorations include shower heads and tiles. The entire experience feels like you are really eating in the toilet though, except that it does not make you feel disgusted at all. For the best wholesome Modern Toilet experience, here's what you should eat!

1. Corn soup (SGD1.70 or NTD40)

Served together with the main meal, beverage and ice-cream, the corn soup is a great starter and tasted very different from the usual. It is thicker, creamier and tastier. This bowl of corn soup is the only dish in the restaurant that does not have a toilet-theme to it.

2. Modern Toilet Chicken Curry (SGD8.30 or NTD200) 
The delicious gooey curry hails a shaved broccoli in the centre of their toilet bowl. It really does look like one had a diarrhea. The sweet aroma of curry together with the chunks of chicken was a great accompaniment with the soft, fluffy rice. The dish remained hot for a long time despite the cold weather in Taiwan. I would recommend this to anyone looking for something hot and sweet.

3. Italian Chicken Spaghetti with cream sauce (SGD9.50 or NTD230)

The pasta was served in a sink and I loved the cream sauce that came along with it. It wasn't too thick but tasted a little milky. I could make slurping noises with the pasta because the noodles were very springy and smooth. The portion was too little though.

4. Smoked Chicken with Cream Sauce Au Gratin 奶油熏鸡焗烤 (SGD9.10 or NTD220)

I would highly recommend this bathtub, I mean, smoked chicken with cream sauce au gratin! With another sad-looking broccoli in the centre, the portion size may look small, but it can actually be quite filling!

5. Pork Stew (SGD8.30 or NTD200)

The soup has an odd taste to it — even though it is not bland or milky, it has a very strong spice taste which I didn't like. The meat was very little too, and I would not recommend you to try this dish.

5. Milk Tea Beverages (SGD1.70 or NTD40)

You can top up your meal with a drink for an additional NTD40. The milk tea comes in urinals, which makes the whole experience amusing and fun! We made a lot of jokes about it, but ultimately, the drinks were really refreshing in the cold weather. 

6. Ice-Cream (SGD1.70 or NTD40)

Made to look like poop, this soft-served ice-cream comes together with the drinks for NTD40. It has a mix of both chocolate and vanilla, and tasted really soft on the tongue. I thought I was eating snowflakes, really. 

If you haven't been there, the Modern Toilet Restaurant is worth a visit!

Address: 2F., No.7, Lane 50, Sining S. Rd., Wanhua District, Taipei City
Phone: +886 2 2311 8822
Weekdays: 11:30AM ~ 10:00PM
Holidays: 11:00AM ~ 10:00PM

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sample Store Review: UV Aqua White CC Cream, La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Cream, Darlie Expert Fresh

I've had my first Sample Store checkout in February 2014. I've never dared to try switching products, especially when it comes to facial products, because of my sensitive skin. Sample Store made it so much easier because I can try the new samples before making a purchase. You can get sponsored samples (with free delivery), or pay a flat-rate handling fee of SGD5.99 for 4 different samples. Each unit of sample redemption requires 2 points, and you have to make reviews on the Sample Store.

Please note that the following reviews are for my skin type: sensitive / combination skin.

1. UV Aqua White CC Cream SPF 30PA++
Ingredients: Arnica Flower, Milfoil, Gentian, Wormwood, Sea Daffodil
I love the elegant packaging. I always believe that when a company is detailed and meticulous in designing their products' appearance, they will not fall short in the quality of their products.

The CC cream was quite watery when I squeezed the tube, and I love how the texture was so thin and it felt like there was nothing on my face.
Blending in was very easy. I only did two swipes with my finger and most of the CC cream felt like it penetrated through my face. There was a matt finish, my face did not appear oily or shiny but glowing. I love the hydrating effect. 

Here's the results of the UV Aqua White CC cream after I put it for more than 10 hours, my face did not feel oily at all but fully hydrated.

Where To Buy: Sheng Shiong, Giant, Fairprice, CK, Cold Storage
Retail Price: $28.90 / 30ml

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This is my favourite BB cream which I intend to make a purchase.  Initially, there is a sticky feeling when rubbing it into my face with gentle strokes. I love how the SPF is higher than UV Aqua White, because I'm out in the sun a lot. You need extra protection, especially in Singapore.

You can apply on face as a make-up basis or a daily moisturizer. However, the eye area must be avoided. I felt that all I needed was a small amount to cover my whole face. The colour was very natural, but remember, you can't use this to cover dark circles!

My skin initially looked flaky at first, but after 5 minutes, it absorbed the entire BB Cream. The best part is, it's extremely good for sensitive skin! However, I didn't get the same hydrating effect as I would from the UV Aqua White CC Cream.

The BB mineral pigments melt in the skin for a unified, evened and fresh-faced complexion. Look at the smooth and non-greasy texture! Most importantly, it is paraben-free, non comedogenic, hypoallergenic and nickel-controlled.
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3. Darlie Expert Fresh Toothpaste
Containing active zinc citrate, this Darlie toothpaste kept my breath feeling fresh for more than 12 hours. I felt that my oral health improved a lot after using it, and the taste didn't make me feel like vomiting. Forget about chewing on sweets and mints in order to keep your breath fresh, this Darlie toothpaste didn't give me any problems in having mouth odour. 

Where To Buy: NTUC Fairprice, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, Prime, Watsons, Guardian, Unity and other cosmetic stores
Retail Price: $5.90/120g, $3.00/40g

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Terrace Conrad Centennial Singapore Special

The Terrace is one of the latest addition to Conrad Centennial’s award winning epicurean food and beverage offerings. Led by the hotel’s outstanding culinary team, The Terrace is a treasure trove that embodies modernity, charm and sophistication. It offers artisan sandwiches, sweet treats, homemade bread and pastries. All these are made from the finest produce, at competitive prices. The Terrace is indeed a perfect place for dating, group gatherings and business meetings in Singapore.

All prices listed here are inclusive of 10% service charge and prevailing 7% GST. These means that the prices you see are NETT prices, that saves a lot of trouble from calculating the actual price!


Braised Beef with Onion Confit - SGD8.00
Don't underestimate this squarish confit with a rounded top, it actually has the power to fill your mouth with delicious goodness! As you can infer from the white cloth that is under it, this Onion Confit is not at all oily.

Grill Vegetables & Goat Cheese Coriander - SGD4.50
I was passing by some bread shop the other day and they sold the croissant, without any fillings, for SGD4.00. The crust may appear flaky at first, but the goat cheese and grill vegetables made the dish come together nicely.

 Parma Ham, Mozzarella & Basil Leaves - SGD4.50 (left)
Soya Beef, Paprika & Greens - SGD4.50 (right)
While the Parma Ham was nothing too special, the soya beef was totally delicious! The meat melted in my mouth and there were no traces of blood, yet it retained its soft chewy texture without having much fats on it. The mozzarella made the croissant extra chewy, I would recommend you to try this!

Tandoori Prawn Salad - SGD4.50
I was caught off-guard by this juicy bright orange tandoori prawn. In my opinion, The Terrace was really generous with the size of the food. The prawns were neither hot nor cold because we were taking pictures of all the dishes and it must have cooled down. 


Smoked salmon & cucumber Bagel — SGD7.00
The smoked salmon was a little too salty for my liking, but the bagel had an airy, fluffy texture to it. For all my life, I have been eating hard-rock bagels that made my teeth sharper than a sword. The Terrace's bagel was really fresh because they make their bread from scratch everyday. Wow, that sounds a lot of work but the taste is worth it.


T-Wrap — SGD7.50
The T-wrap is made up of succulent Chicken shavings wrapped with garlic sauce, vegetables and your choice of wasabi or BBQ sauce. The wrap is only served during weekday lunches, and I thought that the ingredients might be a tad too little. The wrap wasn't juicy and I could hardly hold it well because it was too thin for me to hold. I got the BBQ sauce wrap and somehow wish that there was an added punch to it. 


Calzone with Chicken & Mushrooms - SGD7.50

Macaroons — SGD3.00 (large), $2.50 (medium) and $1.80 (small)
The cappuccino (left) and the lemon (right) macaroons were both good, almost comparable to the taste of Ladurée macaroons but imperfect in its shape. It melted quite quickly though.

Glazed Macadamia Chocolate Fondant — SGD7.00
This is a slice of cake that CANNOT be shared. It is difficult to cut through with a knife because of the layers of glazed macadamia chocolate. It was a cake made in paradise, I think it would make the perfect sweet treat for anyone.

Chocolate Royal Hazelnut Crunch — SGD61.00 (large), $31.00 (small), $11.00 (mini)
Now, this is Conrad Centennial The Terrace prized possession. According to them, this is their famed signature cake. Sure enough, I love the hazelnut that was on the base of the cake, adding a crunchy texture to the moist cake. It was less sweeter than the Coco Exotic, another Hazelnut cake, I usually buy from Four Leaves though.


This was served at the end of the Nuffnang Lovin' session. It was a really great and refreshing way to end the session with the citrus flavour.


Phoenix Organic Soda — Cola / Cola Light / Ginger Beer —SGD5.50
I would highly recommend everyone to try the organic soda. Try and tell the difference — I did it!

Cappuccino — SGD6.50
The beans are specially sourced IN Singapore. That's right — we have our very own coffee beans, and I was quite surprised to hear that. The froth was really pure and smooth, but the barista could do better with some froth artwork, don't you think?

The Gula Frappe — SGD7.50 (left)
Caramel Macadamia Blast — SGD7.50 (right)
I would SURELY come back for their Terrace Signature Frappes. It was so full of flavour and extremely smooth. There were no signs of shaved, broken ice but a thick, milky texture. It was neither too sweet nor too bland — the perfect drink for all occasions. 

This artisanal café really sets Conrad Centennial apart from any other hotel in the area. Their unique concept offers simple, well-prepared, yet distinctive cuisine, raising the level of service standards.

The Terrace is open from 7am to 8pm on weekdays and 9am to 8pm on the weekends daily and seats up to 40 guests.

Nuffnang event
This post is brought to you by Conrad Centennial Singapore and littletinysun.

The Terrace
Conrad Centennial Singapore
2 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038982
Phone: +65 6334 8888
Facebook: Conrad Centennial Singapore