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Anti:dote Afternoon Tea Review: Mother's Day 2016

Whisk yourself away to a brilliant afternoon tea at Anti:dote! Believe it or not, Anti:dote is the best place to bring your mother for a wonderful afternoon tea this Mother's Day.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What would you do if someone sent this basket of flowers to you?

Flowers — they're the best organic living matter to express your love in any occasion. Before your great-great-great-grandmother's time, flowers have been used to celebrate someone's birthday, to show one's love when someone is hospitalised or to express grief over the passing of a loved one. Flowers make a GREAT gift. Well, Floral Garage Singapore has taken a step further with soon-to-launch DIY flowers that promotes sincerity among the senders through a very personalised touch. Read till the end to enjoy 15% OFF all flowers!

Valentines Day 2017 DIY Flowers Singapore

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How does it feel to step into the world's FIRST building made of 100% recycled material?

Thanks to Cuifen, my partner and I got to visit Samwoh— a building that is the first of its kind in this region which uses 100% recycled concrete aggregate back in 2010. This is a significant breakthrough in the construction industry because, 6 years on, the building is still strong and fine. Let's take a walk through Samwoh eco-green and find out who they are, what they do and why we should be proud of them! To excite you further, we got to see real bombs (but they were inert) used to demolish buildings. COOL MUCH!

Samwoh was incorporated in Singapore as a transport and logistics company by three lorry drivers in 1975. Its business started developing in the 1980s when it secured a few sizeable transportation and logistics projects from the Housing and Development Board and also the Public Works Department. The company also invested in an asphalt batching plant and expanded on its asphalt premix supplying and laying services.
Inert explosives — used to blast buildings for collection of material

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Yes, we're having these Chilli Crab PIZZAS for Christmas. How about you?

Around the world, people celebrate Christmas in different ways. I've got to admit that most people would have a large, fat, 3.7kg turkey on their Christmas menu. This year, we're going to try to be a little bit different— and that is, having our favourite Chilli Crab Pizza to host our guests! This is a new launch from Domino's Pizza— and they've bundled their box of delight (aka Peanut Butter Chocolate Lava cake) in their new promo. Read till the end to find out how you can get a GREAT CHILLI CRAB PIZZA OFFER (available for both online and offline) for this month only!
dominos pizza singapore promo 2016

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Choc full of surprises? You don't want to miss these Christmas treats from Sophisca.

Sophisca is well-known for treats that trick— think sweets hidden in the disguise of sanitary pads, lipsticks and condoms. This time, the taiwan company has packed brilliant gift sets to set you in the merry mood of giving. Whether your recipients prefer a melt-in-the-mouth milk chocolate, or a hard candy, Sophisca has it all. Read till the end to find out how you can enjoy exclusive Sophisca promotions!
product packaging ideas singapore

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Check out how this unedited, healthy plate of salad looks like.

For years, my partner and I have been avoiding City Hall due to its many renovations which caused the environment to be noisy and dusty. It was only recently that we've decided to explore Suntec City— only to discover a gem hidden within Pasarbella. Pimp My Salad is a wonderfully attractive outlet that an array of healthy, fresh vegetables, meat and grain options. It's like 'healthy Cai Fan', except that the customisation of ingredients are meant for constructing your own salads from scratch. Read till the end of the post to find out how you can enjoy 1-for-1 main course at Pimp My Salad.

pimp my salad entertainer 1-for-1 review singapore

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Entertainer and Cheers Launch Party 2016/2017

Having used The Entertainer for almost 3 years now, I've saved more than $1,700. If you haven't heard of The Entertainer yet, you probably don't go out much because their logo is almost everywhere. From restaurants such as Fat Cow to cat cafes, The Entertainer offers 1-for-1 dining, entertainment and lifestyle coupons. You can even find 1-for-1 offers for Yoshinoya too! This year, they've also launched a brand new app, Cheers 2017, focusing on 1-for-1 alcoholic beverages. 
Cheers 2017 drinking mobile app review
The Entertainer + Cheers 2017 Launch Party