Curry Times

Curry Times was opened by the curry puff and fried food assortment chain, Old Chang Kee (est. 1956) Their novelty is in the curry. From time to time, you can hear gasps coming from the other table as the waitress brings in a huge, I mean giant, pot of curry.

We ordered a huge pot of curry fish-head (SGD$28.90) for a family of four and they came with a bunsen burner to keep it piping hot!

My family thought that the fish meat was insufficient... to be honest, we only eat an approximate 1-2 spoonfuls of fish. The curry wasn't extremely spicy, but I wouldn't say its' very special.

The decorations of the Curry Times brought out feelings of nostalgia. It was an interesting dining experience as you somehow reminisce about the old times.

A very old-school presentation of lime juice, yuan yang (not as nice as I would have expected), Chin Chow (Grass Jelly - Recommended), and Iced Coffee.

The Salmon Otah is a must-try for those who love a mashed potato texture. Going for S$1.90 each, the salmon otah tasted dramatically different from others that I've eaten before. They line the skin of the salmon in the centre of each fishcake and it wasn't that spicy.

 Omelette with chai poh.  It was sweeter than usual, and I didn't fancy the dish as much.

This fish maw soup is another dish that you should try! A unique refreshing fragrant taste as you slurp down the home-made soup, there isn't too much MSG, and before I could get to my 4th or 5th spoon, someone must have gobbled everything away.

Curry Times
Novena Square (Velocity)
238 Thomson Road #02-33/34.
T: +65 6354 3206.
Opening Hours:10am - 10pm daily.
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