Jurong Safra Clubhouse's Jack Place

Every Singaporean would have heard of Jack's Place, though no one really knows who Jack is. Perhaps local comedian Phua Chu Kang would make it even more popular, or local favourite general-election announcer Mr. Yam Ah Mee... but well, Jack-without-his-Jill also sounds fine and is doing pretty well! 

No one questions the history behind food, including me, because Singaporeans are simply artisans in hunting good food.

I love how Coffee is the only drink that connects people, and I believe it's the #1 drink that helps start conversations. *smiles widely* I used to be a barista and long conversations always start with a cup of good coffee. Jack's Place coffee is thick in its' taste but not in aroma, just a whiff and you can hardly trace the slightly faint smell. I love restaurants that allows me to control the amount of milk that I want to add! Therefore, PLUS (+) points for you Jack!
 It's increasingly rare for restaurants in Singapore to serve garlic bread with soup-of-the-day, probably with the increasing but sustainable costs. This is a very European-style of serving, with a slice of baguette under the sunny weather. I like to eat it the local way, dipping my bread into the soup and making it soggy. Make sure it's thoroughly soaked if you want to try the true-blue SG STYLE!

Jack's Place offers set menus for lunch hours, be prepared to face long waiting time and grumpy waiters and waitresses. You can't blame them because of the serious shortage of workers. My hands had to dance in the air for quite awhile before they finally paid some attention to my diner and me!

Steak, though it looks none like it. Perhaps you would want to have it medium-rare, because my diner asked for medium and it was quite tough to chew on! The fries weren't crispy, but Jack sells one of the best carrots around town. ^^;

 I ordered a plate of chicken, and YES IT IS AS DELICIOUS AS IT LOOKS. The chicken is only served on Wednesdays, so be there early at 11+ if you don't want to wait.

Interestingly, they served dessert as well! The only thing that is nice is the red square cube jelly, because the honeydew and watermelon really tasted like leftovers. Many customers had leftovers for the dessert, though I'm not really sure if it's because the main course was too filling...

Wanna visit Jack at his place?
Try Jurong Safra Clubhouse @
333 Boon Lay Way
Singapore 649848

I'm just kidding, you can't find Jack, Jill, or any beanstalk but you can find fairly good food.
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