Tourism: Happy 40th birthday, Singapore Zoo!

27th June 2013 marks the 40th birthday of our Singapore Zoo! The place holds many childhood memories for me... family visits, school excursions, and it's been a long time since I've been there. The tickets were priced at only $8.80 on the special day! :D

GIANT TORTOISE climbing over two little tortoises.

'Billy' the goat chewing on grass.

Pink Flamingos perched over the green grassland... anyway, DO YOU KNOW you can eat flamingos in the UAE? *winks*

Be careful of spiders on benches and fences!

Orang Utan. I just learned today that the difference between an ape and a monkey, is that a monkey has a tail but an ape doesn't. *grins widely* It's like a zoological experience!

Be careful of birds shitting on you as you sit under long tree vines!

The iced polar bear was digging the chunks out of the tree trunks, really cute!

Penguins in the ice cave!

This crocodile was sun-bathing, nothing much to see, it's like a statue.

Black Grizzly bear that reminds me of delicious gummies...
This is my favourite, the giant tortoises stepping on the head of its' fellow species!

The monitor lizard :D

Lots of snakes...

Aligator under water

Love these giraffes, God's creation is extremely beautiful, isn't it?

I feel like riding on an ostrich, though I don't know if its' ever possible. *grins*

These are the frightening, ferocious white tigers who kept walking up and down wanting to eat all of us.

Last but not least, my favourite BABOONS!!! :D They look so cute, and behave similarly to humans, look at how they sit!

DO bring your own lunch because the queues at KFC is packed like crazy,
it took almost an hour before it got to our turn. Put on some sunblock lotion because there is little shelter, and bring an electronic fan or else you'll be using the park map to cool yourselves down. Have plenty of water because there isn't any water cooler around and a bottle of water over there costs $3.00.

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  1. Singapore is one of my favourite island country to visit there. In the Singapore Zoo there are about 315 species of animals in the zoo. I have visited there before my amsterdam tours . I have enjoyed there numerous rides such as Trams animals, boat, pony and the horse carriage. You can also rent the strollers, wagons, electric scooters and wheelchairs.

    1. I'm glad you love it here :) Did you went to the universal studios?