DIY: How to cook PRAWN MEE the Singapore way!

Prawn mee is a popular favorite among local Singaporeans, and every one who is a true-blue SG-ian would have tried this delicious yellow noodles with prawn soup base here. While some may argue this dish perhaps would belong to the Penang community, there were also Hokkein settlers in Singapore during the early years, therefore it may has been a dish that have been brought to both countries at the same time!

 Here is what you need:
Freshly-cut prawns
Crab sticks
Fish cake
Pork ribs or pork
Yellow noodles
Prawn soup base powder

 First, boil the meatball, pork rib and the prawn soup powder altogether. As my mother dislikes the smell of the prawns in her soup, we opted leaving that out or else you can make your own prawn soup. Add in additional dark black sauce to increase the saltiness at your own preference.

I call these the 'sides' which you may want to add at your own pleasure! Cook these first.

After the meat has been boiled, leave it to cool a little.

Before I cooked my prawns, I like to slice the top half of it to remove the 'black shit' that I felt was quite disgusting. Most hawker centers don't remove them but I believe it is rather damaging to the health in the long run. It may seem time-consuming but trust me, you feel a lot more at ease eating non-toxic prawns!

The yellow mee is easily available at any large supermarket chain. Some locals do not know the difference between 'mee' and 'kway teow', but 'mee' always strictly refers to the yellow noodles!

Simmer the yellow noodles in a pot of water with some added refined salt, do not overcook it or it will become soggy. You can test the texture by pinching the noodles with your chopsticks!

After that, soak a few leaves of vegetables at your own preference.

Then put everything together and pour the soup! Your home-cooked Prawn Mee now tastes exactly the same like any that you can buy from the coffeeshop, just that it's inclusive of more ingredients (usually those sold outside only has one-two types of ingredients).

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