Tourism: Mummy's WILD birthday in Jurong Bird Park!

My dearest mum celebrated her WILD birthday in the Singapore's Bird Park this year. If you don't know it yet, you get a FREE ENTRANCE to any of the Wildlife Reserves here in Singapore if it's your birthday! *hooray!*

They'd generously give you a FREE BADGEFREE ice-cream, plus 10% off selected souvenirs.

Greeted by beautiful, elegant, pink flamingos (actually statues), I actually unconsciously wanted to mimic them and tip-toe in... but clumsily tripped over the uneven cemented floor! Ha-ha-ha.

Please, heed this good advice & bring the following items. It's so 'duh' but there are some who thinks they can brave through the mosquito-storm!

3. Food / Drinks (quite costly in there!)

In an effort to mimic the elegant pink flamingos, I supposed I have turned rather pinkish too... *shakes head*

It is your choice as to whether you want to wear shorts in the humid weather of Singapore and risk being bitten by unforgiving mosquitoes, or wear long pants but feel thoroughly uncomfortable with your pants sticking against your sweaty legs. 

I was really really fascinated with God's creation...

Beautiful bright colours :)

Thin and sharp beak like an arrow... and even birds like them got a name. How amaaaazing is our God!

This is an important show NOT to be missed, really interesting and funny! It showcases almost all the birds in the Park!

You can get really up-close with the birds... it's really fun! We've got different zookeepers educating us about the lifestyle and the different type of birds, and it's really a great platform for both kids and adults-alike to go on a learning journey together.


The park will sometimes have visits from school kids, adding a lot more to the fun!

I brought a drink from home to refresh myself, because one bottle of drink there costs $3.00!

The park visitors also have the opportunity to be part of the birds' performance too!

This is how the inner viewing gallery looks like... it stinks quite badly because of the birds' droppings!

I could get very close to this because it apparently was roaming out of the enclosure!

Another kissing scene *smiles shyly*

If you're a couple looking for a place, the Singapore Jurong Bird Park is where you can really relax and have a memorable, laughing time with your loved one! :)

Get really close to Little Parrots that won't fly away!

Last but not least, this waterfall has not changed for the past 10 years. I remember going to Jurong Bird Park when I was in Primary school, and the only thing that I recall, really, was just this waterfall (because it look SOOOOO HUMONGOUS AND GIGANTIC to me at that time).

For more information on Jurong Bird Park, click here.

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