Travel: Europe Part I

This is a long overdue post, and a testimony to THANK GOD for my blessed Europe trip! It all started REALLY long ago where Matthew & KC prayed for me in Raffles City's McDonalds, and somehow I kept the paper (because I know God will surely fulfil His promises) for the glory of GOD.

Many of the pointers have been answered prayers! Praise, praise, praise Jesus!
One of them was holiday next year (2013). God understands what we meant by 'holiday', like 'overseas' you know. In 2011 I really wanted to visit Europe again! 
This prayer was written in mid 2012!

So guess what? At the START of the semester (Aug 2012), I won a Eurail PASS that enables me to travel to Europe! *eyes sweating* HOW TIMELY IS THAT?!!!!

 Of course.. some would attribute it to 'luck'. If you've not known, 'lucky' is the nickname of 'Luc-ifer', and Lucifer is the fallen angel, his number is 666, which is the number of the beast, a.k.a the devil. 'Luckiness' always point towards self, like 'oh, I'm more luckier than you' or 'it's my lucky day!' and gives glory to no one, whereas BLESSINGS point towards God, knowing that He is the source of all blessings!!!

So, my lovely mummy is my great & almighty sponsor for meals! :'D

I'd recommend that you choose Versailles as the place to stay in rather than Central Paris. The rooms are slightly more expensive than the other neighbourhoods because this is where most of the upper class stay, so they're much more polite, kind and extremely nice towards us. These are the rare French who would be willing to talk to us, because if you've not known, the French are rather hostile towards Asians (all of us are from China, in their opinion).

So we had our first stop at the Royal Palace. If you visit after 4.30pm, the entrance fees are reduced to only 6€! Just multiply everything with 1.62 to convert to SGD.

As expected, the French are extremely intricate with their detailing because of their rich culture in art, so even the floorings right up to the ceiling have been given much thought This is apparently the queen's chamber, isn't the space beautiful? We walked till we're sooooo exhausted. I wonder how the royal people must have felt, such a big space, but such an emptiness without the people!

When it's sunny, this golden gate makes you wonder if this is what it's like in heaven. I don't think I'll just be doing a star jump in heaven.. *grins*

The Palace has a large, extensive field of garden with an abundance of flowers! Remember to bring ALL sorts of moisturiser there because my hair was sucked dry...

We then headed to Paris' Eiffel tower, and I realized I got bored of the place rather too quickly.
 I thought the very same excitement which contained within me would still exist, but looks like the tower ISN'T a place where you'd want to visit for the second time. There isn't much to see, & the Parisians are one of the most snobbish people I've ever met. 
CAUTION: Be wary of those who go around asking for donations, apparently their friends are in cahoots of pickpocketing while you're not paying attention!

Security was extremely tight that day because there were bomb threats made due to Sierra's dealings.

In France, be prepared to eat bread for every single meal. THE CHEESE is extremely delicious though, there are more than 400 types of cheese so you'll take more than a year to try everything.

I have so much photos that I don't know what to select. But this really, isn't enough to portray how much blood Jesus has spilled in order to save us!

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