Wedding Village 2013: Multifolds Photography

Beloveds out there, I'll let you in on a secret~
I'm SOOOOO EXTREMELY excited for my wedding...
that's going to happen in less than 10 years (hopefully).

Hahahaha can anyone stand my madness except Jesus?! :')
 Although my future spouse haven't arrived yet, I'm glad that He's shaping me up to play the supportive role in a family! *smiles widely*

If an earthly wedding on earth is already so grand, how MUCH MORE would it be when you see your groom, your First love, JESUS, running to you with open arms? 
The joy of the Father in His Son's wedding banquet~ 
how ALL OF HEAVENS would throw a HUGE party just for us!

NOTHING, is more blissful than being betrothed to the KING of kings, the LORD of lords.

So I headed down to Multifolds photography's booth F147 for this year's wedding village, and was pleasantly surprised!
The Peranakan-style theme had a slight hint of vintage (with the Vespa scooter) over there.
It was really packed for all three days, many couples had to leave their contact details behind because apparently my brother, Melvin, couldn't attend to them. I was so thankful to all the friends who have helped him out, thanks for coming down! :)

I really loved the decorations!

Oh and Kombi rocks was there as an exhibitor too, YAY my first photo with a Volkswagen Kombi van!

Cupcakes from Shiberty's sweets! I love how art and muffins have fused, only true artisans who worked from scratch can make this! Apparently, Jessica the founder, has a history with customised, personalised sweet treats :) Though I don't know her personally, my impression of her is of a very sweet and diligent girl from her blog

 Look at how carefully decorated it is! It was like as if I was savouring a little piece of heaven in my mouth, hahaha! Oh yeah and my mum bought the beautiful muffin holder from Paris! :)

I simply adore little cutie stuffsssssssss, thank God that He has created an audience who can appreciate cutiesstuffiessss. *smiles*

Oh yes, and the booth beside Multifolds photography was 'Butter studio', and they were nice to give me a few samples!
Red Velvet: Classic chocolate cupcake topped off with cream cheese frosting and a mini heart.

Cookies & CreamVanilla cupcake with cookies & cream infused frosting and oreo crumbles! 

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  1. Most places don’t care and charge you for a lot of the things that guys at this place were willing to help us out with. The food was amazing and my family is still raving about how great it was.