Travel: Europe Part II

If you've read my earlier blogpost which centred around France (Versailles/Paris), you'd realize that the country's culture is VERY strong and they're proud of their architecture, language, food and art. Sadly, pride is the NUMBER ONE FACTOR why people fail, there's honestly nothing to be proud of because it is a one-way ticket to someone's doom.. its' only through humility that God exalts you. 

Matthew 23:13Whoever will exalt himself will be humbled and whoever will humble himself will be exalted.

And so today I'm bringing Switzerland to you. Not the whole of Switzerland, but mainly Zurich and Mount Titlis. I'm fond of Switzerland, but the weather was too freezing cold for me... in fact, it was supposed to be summer but they were experiencing winter and the Swiss people were really very unhappy about it.

Explore the beautiful town with yellow lights at night :)

Its' bustling and its' beautiful, what a sight to behold!

We went to the Rhine falls, and I'd recommend you to visit that place and be in awe of nature. Spotted this beautiful flower with white petals... my spirit felt really refreshed in touch with nature.

A very touristy type of train :)

WC in Europe really means 'toilet', though my friends joked that it may mean 'Wash & Clean", but its' actually an abbreviation for 'Water Closet'.

Here's a faraway view of the Rhine Falls! Please wear your winter jacket because the water was really cold... but I had lots of fun, the Swiss people are really friendly (at least most of them whom we met), and they're really 'atas' (Singlish: High-class). 

A large river across the city. So I've saw mountains, river and waterfalls. Didn't get to go to the ocean though. :)

I've met a really friendly woman who claimed that she was a Mormon, and directed me to a few churches when I asked. She thought Singapore was part of China, and was really surprised by how small a we were. 

SINGAPORE is really blessed, I'm so highly favoured & thankful to be born in this beautiful, sunny island.

We ate at Adler's Swiss Chuchi, which really offers genuine swiss cuisine and has been awarded MICHELIN stars! Any Swiss would recommend you to go to that restaurant, which is really crowded in peak hours. They have TWO entrances. Unlike the customer service in Singapore, they don't really care about you when you're 'queuing' outside. You've got to be thick skin and go in and sit yourselves down. However, their service is really excellent because the Swiss practise 'tipping' culture, so you have no choice but be polite and to tip the one who provides you the service.

Do take note of their opening hours as follows.

Opening hours of Swiss Chuchi
Breakfast: Monday to Friday          6.15 am to  10 am
Breakfast Saturday & Sunday        7.00 am to  11 am
Hot meals served from                   11.30  am to  11.15 pm

The inner seating of the restaurant.

They have free postcards placed outside the toilet (in the basement), so you can take them home as as souvenir!

They serve free loafs of delicious bread, in which you can dip it in melted cheese.

We ordered two types of coffee, one is the traditional Swiss coffee, and I ordered Italian coffee.
The italian coffee really gave me a shock, there is quite a strong alcohol taste in it and got me almost quite drunk. I've never tasted anything like that before, which was a little spicy, yet bitter, yet sour, its' something that left my taste buds in a frenzy!

I prefer the Swiss coffee though. Its' something that I am more used to drinking.

We didn't really know how to cook this, apparently they give us raw meat and we have to cook ourselves, but the waiter was really kind and nice to teach us how to fry the mushrooms, the chicken, and the grated cheese. Its' quite a fun equipment, and I really, really love it.

CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THE CHEESE. I could taste that it is top-grade melted cheese, not the salty ones you have in Singapore, but really pure melted molten cheese and you won't get sick of it. It didn't get burned at all... I really miss this place! This is a definitely MUST-go.

A lot of interesting city sights to soak up in, I believe its' really a great place to honeymoon at. Because of the strong culture in showing their love, the europeans tend to openly kiss and hug. I'm somehow glad that I live in Asia because I feel quite awkward with public display of affection. But honestly, its' really quite a romantic sight to look at, Hahaha!

Women would look at the shoes on display, but I was drawn to this cute little doggy at the window. Do you know that nursery rhyme, "How much is that doggy in the window, woh-woh"? 

Relive your childhood happiness by clicking the video below.

What's A MUST-BUY in Switzerland? Chocolates. The swiss eat chocolates like they drink water... 
I highly recommend L├Ąderach chocolates.
I never liked chocolates, I don't like chocolates, but  L├Ąderach chocolates changed my mind.

The chocolates are really fresh, and you won't get a sore throat even if you ate a lot of it. I didn't get too phlegmy too!

Okay I also want to spam you with beautiful photos of nature, but that shall wait till my next post. Its' my first time in my life seeing real snow... and snowflakes.

Its' a great place to have photoshoots, heh there's my cute mummy ^^;

What really surprised me was that starbucks was closed but the windows were open, and I could easily climb over and make a cup of coffee. But of course I didn't, and I suspected its' because Switzerland is SO safe and civilized that the owners don't have to worry about having their items being stolen.

Last but not least, I tasted the love of God in Jesus Christ in this trip. :)

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  1. Superb Photos!! Great read. Thanks very much. I am 24 and from just outside London. Me and two friends want to travel into Europe this summer on an interrailing trip. We have no idea where is best to go and as we are not 100% whether we will really like it, we don't want to go for too long (10-20 days). Any ideas on destinations?