Tourism: AdveNTUre Cove in Singapore!

So blessed to get a pair of FREE tickets to Adventure Cove mid-week from a beloved friend!
The weather in Singapore for this week was perfect, half the time I kept thinking I want to go outdoors to play. I really want to cycle (since June), but swimming suffices too!

Thank God for the beautiful weather that day!

Don't be deceived. Even on a Wednesday, the pool was packed with a lot of people, mainly tourists. I'm quite glad that there are tourists visiting Singapore... it's the perfect place for a vacation, really. There are just SO MANY things to do in Singapore, I don't know why the locals keep saying that there's nothing to do here, you just got to spend that money for the experience sometimes!

We were SO happy when we thought that there was no one, but actually it was very crowded!

You'd see the cable cars right above you.

Beautiful stone sculptures and seahorse in a cave.

The Children's playground

 One of the most thrilling rides would be the Spiral Washout or the Whirlpool Washout. You go down either alone or with a partner on a float, and the opening of the slide is actually in a shelter. It's like going down in deep darkness, really fun!

I really admire and appreciate the lifeguards and respect those who have to monitor and maintain the slides... WITHOUT them the experience won't be so fun!

This is where you slide down on a mat like a race! 2 people can go at a time!

I really love swimming in the cave, in darkness illuminated with blue lighting. The words 'Cave of Adullam' keep appearing in my mind, and I realized that the day's event was really a refuge and a break off the hectic school work & work & all else.

This reminds me of the game ROLLER COASTER TYCOON!!!! I must find a day to play that game again. I have a really sick mind of drowning my park visitors, you know. And in The Sims, I like to enclose the avatar in four walls or purposely let him/her walk into fire. I found out that everyone else does the same too, ah.

Anyway, a hot dog bun costs $6. A corn dog $3!

Hooray to my swimming partner (Thank God that there is at least someone who have Wednesdays off school!) *SMILES HAPPILY* :D

If you're looking for more shower rooms, head towards the Cave instead of the one at the entrance. The one at the entrance is very packed because that's where the lockers are. We're really thankful for the tip-off from the janitor who advised us to use the handicap toilet and going further.. THERE WAS HARDLY ANY ONE IN THE OTHER TOILET AT ALL! :D

*Note: There is no water heater.

The Bay Restaurant @ Adventure Cove

The restaurant is largely empty, perhaps because tourists or people are frightened off by the store's concept and how it looks really expensive. In fact, it's actually quite affordable and the food is quite good.

Ordered a plate of Fish & Chips for $13.90. The fish was fresh but the batter wasn't cooked through, I guess the chef didn't heat the oil enough before putting the cold fish fillet in. Therefore inside is cooked, but outside is quite soggy at certain parts. The fries and coleslaw were excellent, you can taste the crunch of the chopped cabbage and shredded carrots!

Add $1 for Soya Beancurd. It's not as good as traditional Lau (Oops, I mean Lao) Ban' Tauhuay or 51 though.

I'm just so thankful that despite the challenging modules that require high-level intellectual thinking this semester, God has placed a core group of friends in my life - Faith, Melissa, Cai Yun. (FMC) Okay I need a "G" so it will be FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods: BU8501 marketing joke hehehe not funny).

You want a definition of doubt? It's taking your eyes off Jesus.
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