Roadhouse: Sinfully good American fare

Located in the furthest corner of Dempsey Hill, Roadhouse is indeed the place for people who desires a meal without fuss and stay in the restaurant till it closes. Under the PrivÉ Group branch, Roadhouse is the only modern American diner serving sinfully good American fare in Dempsey Hill.  It is not unusual to see many Americans coming in for a coffee or dining in.

The restaurant is very cozy and dimly lit, borrowing the natural sunlight to illuminate the restaurant. The strategic location does not make the view very glaring, but grants a heavenly and peaceful feeling as you dig into your meal.
Roadhouse also provides very good and friendly service. The servers there were very passionate in their jobs, making sure to attend to every customer's needs. Roadhouse is famous for The Terminator Challenge, which requires brave participants to wolf down a 1kg burger within 20 minutes. Upon accomplishment, the burger is free for the participant and their name and picture will be pasted up on the Wall of Fame.

 Liquid Cheeseburger Fondue - SGD10.00
Minced beef, melted cheddar, tomatoes & scallions, served with bread biscuits.

The liquid cheeseburger is a must-try for cheese fanatics. You can dunk in the entire bread piece into the melted cheddar. It is great eating it both hot and cold, so you can have a relaxing chat with your dining partner instead of focusing on finishing up the nacho cheese. However, I could hardly taste the minced beef in the cheese fondue.

 Mac N' Cheese Bolognaise - SGD20.00
Cheese sauce, rich beef bologanise, aged parmesan, Monterey Jack & garlic bread. 
 One can only wonder what the cheese sauce is made up of, but I am pretty sure that there is mozzarella cheese in there as well. The Mac N' Cheese Bolognaise were sticky and chewy and is great for all cheese-lovers. Be forewarned though, you have to exercise those carbs away because the base of the ceramic plate is drizzled with too much oil. Thankfully, you can easily shed the fats off because Roadhouse is, well, located on a 'hill' after all.

Simple Brie-Vine - SGD24.00
170g Josper-grilled Wagyu patty, grilled poached bear, brie, sundries tomatoes & wild rocket.

Served with fries & coleslaw, the Simple Brie-Vine is indeed divine. You can select how well you want your beef to be cooked, and they choose the freshest and finest ingredients for you. The fries are crisp and golden brown, and the coleslaw is sweet to taste! My friend lamented that the fries look bigger in portion than the burger though, as if to say that the highlight of the dish seems to be the fries instead.

Cut through the beef and you can tell that the chef is really experienced. The plate is nothing but a chopping board, which may be rather challenging to eat if you're a messy eater. Still, Roadhouse provides a casual experience for the foodies, and if you desire an eatery which provides the ambience, great service and good food, Roadhouse is the way to go.

You can find Roadhouse at:
Blk 13, #01-07, Dempsey Road
Mondays - Fridays 10.30am - 10pm
Saturdays and Sundays 9am - 10pm 

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