Travel: Rhine Falls (Switzerland)

One of the MUST-SEE places in Europe is the Rhine falls (Germany: Rheinfalls) in northern Switzerland! My mummy and I were really blessed to see the largest plain waterfall in Europe.
We could get SO close to the waterfall, that it felt like we were IN it!

The crisp, clear-blue water was such a REFRESHING sight! Although the Rhine Falls doesn't boast of great heights like the Niagara falls, it was still a majestic sight to behold the white foam bubbling at the bottom. In fact, the sound of the waters rushing through was so soothing and had such a calming effect. 

The best part is, you don't have to suffer from stickiness or humidity because the water is so fresh!

On the way to boarding a boat :) 

This is the little entrance where you head over to board a boat at the dock. If not for the slight drizzle, there would usually be a lot of tourists! Pray for a good weather! :)

The open-concept speed boat driven by really charismatic guides.

It's a common sight to see swans paddling about.

View of the shore we came from!

As you can tell, it was unnecessary to put on life vests. Do put on your winter jackets and gloves because it was really freezing. I think it was less than 10 degrees up there.

Look at the tiny people in the centre of the photo, that's where we were heading to!
The flag at the top allows us to have an overview of the Rhine falls!

Just got to the base of where we wanted to be. Carried a lot of stuffs from shopping :D

Here's the view from the top!

I know you can't tell but it was frighteningly cold. The wind was chilly to the skin and if you have old folks with you, try not to bring them there. There was an elderly Indian tourist and the family had to bring them down quite quickly, in fact it may be quite dangerous for them due to the very steep steps that we have to climb (and the metal bar that you have to hold as a grip is like touching dry ice)! 

Well, there's always a little risk involved in any exhilarating adventure.

On the bus ride home, it is easy to catch a view full of lush greenery.

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  2. Hi, hope that you have really have fun on trip. The pictures are amazing and the waterfall is awesome. I am too curious to see this once in life. Thanks for sharing this great info here