Midnight in Singapore with Carpenter and Cook

Do you remember the movie, 'Midnight in Paris'? I must say that I feel like I am the lead actress when I saw Carpenter and Cook. After seeing the enchanting daytime photographs of Multifolds Photography, I made it a point to visit Carpenter and Cook at night to see if the cafe could elicit the same romantic feelings under a different light.

Sure enough, it felt like I was stepping into history with someone above re-writing my love story. Unlike the plot in the movie, I didn't get to meet any Picasso but had the honour of having vintage furniture greeting me.

Oh yes, and the beautiful cross right under the clock tells me that "He has made everything beautiful in His time". It is in this cafe where time stood still while conversations went on. From the old typing machines to vintage weighing scales, I can't help but marvel at how long it took men to become who they are today.

Would you just compare my shot (night shot) with Multifolds Photography below? Whether it's in the sunny morning or late at night, the cafe seems to have a mood on its own.
In addition, the desserts sold at Carpenter and Cook are quite delicious! I love how there are many options on display for patrons to choose from.
My partner and I ordered the Passionfruit Meringue. I have wanted to try this for the longest time since the latest season of Master Chef.

It was indeed a beautiful glaze. 

The custard, however, was not evenly filled but I am sure they would improve with practise. The tinge of tartness added another dimension to the complexity of flavours. I love how the sweetness of the meringue was not too overbearing but it perfectly combines the slightly tangy and zesty taste of the passionfruit.
The counter staff recommended us the Cook's Amazing quiche. It was really small in portion and I think I can finish eating with 3 mouthful bites. Anyway, the crust had a biscuit-like texture which was a perfect fitting for the ham and eggs. 
If you would like to visit Carpenter and Cook, do avoid peak periods on Fridays and weekends or be prepared to wait. My partner and I went on a weekday evening and there weren't many people. Do get your cameras ready and be prepared to snap away at their beautiful collection of vintage items!

Carpenter and Cook
19 Lorong Kilat #01-06 Singapore 598120
Tue - Sat: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sun: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Tel: 6463 3648

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