"Summer" Leopard – Extinction in Singapore

Shorts: #H&M 
Shoes: #ECCO 
Bag: #H&M 

Isn't it sad how you have black panthers and snow leopards, but not a 'Summer Leopard'?
There is no beautiful or majestic name for a light-coloured leopard with dark spots. Somehow, I'd wish that scientists would give these huge brownish-looking cats a name other than simply, a leopard.

The story behind this outfit?
Many of the leopards are currently endangered, especially outside of Africa due to habitat loss and fragmentation, and hunting for trade and pest control. It is regionally extinct in Hong KongSingaporeKuwaitSyrian Arab RepublicLibya and Tunisia.

I felt really sad to know that due to rapid urbanisation, Singapore has lost an entire species of leopards.

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