16 incredible things about love you didn't know.

LOVE is like vintage wine, it gets better over time. These words have been my incantation because there are no short-cuts or quick-fixes in love. Do you know that '16' is the number of love? Yes, love is a noun that encompasses 16 attributes, and all 16 of it must work together. Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, I thought I should convey my thoughts about what love truly is. By true love, I mean the MOST genuine, MOST virtuous, the HIGHEST form of love. I hope the following 16 things are a good reminder for you and your loved one, because love is before all things, and in love all things are held together.
1. Love is patient.
The early bird catches the worm, but the patient bird shares the worm with the bird who's gonna be late. If you can queue for bak kwa, hello kitty and Tim Ho Wan, how difficult is it to be patient with someone who loves you? Patience is one of the key ingredients that preserves love in this fast-paced world. The key to marital bliss is to wait for the things that are worth waiting for and NEVER rush it.

2. Love is kind.
Kindness. It makes every man a gentleman, and every woman a lady. If you were kind to someone who was kind to you, how would that count as kindness? Kindness does not need to be reciprocated when it comes to love, for what is love if it is not sacrificial? There are so many ways to express kindness, such as not continuing a heated argument and going the extra mile. 

3. Love does not envy.
That guy gave her roses, but you didn't get any from your own boyfriend. In the first place, do you even love roses? Envy and jealousy are identical: it means desiring something that you don't originally have. Society has shaped our perceptions and beliefs and let us not get bogged down by it. There is no need to envy, but have a heart full of thanksgiving.

4. Love does not boast.
Singles have always told me how they hate public display of affection, such as publicly sharing very intimate pictures and lovey-dovey messages to each other on social media platforms. This is all showing off, isn't it? True love does not boast, but is gentle and quiet. Your boyfriend or girlfriend are not 'objects of envy' but 'subjects of affection'. Remember to spare a thought for your other friends, because true love is selfless, not selfish.

5. Love is not proud.  
It is impossible for pride to coexist with Godly love. If you have a self-centred attitude, that is, only seeing from your own perspective and never attempting to try and understand, then it is not true love. Have humility and a teachable heart.

6. Love does not dishonour others.
I remember an incident where a mum publicly chided her child so as to bring her shame. If you truly love someone,  honour them. Don't get your children to be your comrade against your partner, and never ever badmouth your partner to anyone else. 

7. Love is not self-seeking.
It's no longer about me, myself and I. There are many times where it's easy to fall back into self-centredness. Prioritise others above self. Seek the best interests for others, and not for your own minor convenience.
8. Love is not easily angered.
Never ever curse. The power of life and death is in the tongue, and he who loves it shall eat its fruit. It is difficult to get angry if you truly love someone, because you would understand from his or her perspective. 

9. Love keeps no record of wrongs.
"Why are you always like that?" The past is over, make no historical references whenever it comes to disagreements. When you have forgiven each other and moved on, it should no longer be part of you. Yes, the journey may have lots of ups and downs, but it does not need to have black and white./

10. Love does not delight in evil.
Evil is rampant in the world these days. It is hard to differentiate evil from good these days, because businessmen and societies have made what used to be unacceptable to be alright. Evil is a predator that lurks around. Beware of the subtlety of wickedness that seeps into your love, because evil loves to wrap itself like a wolf in sheep's clothing. 

11. Love rejoices with the truth.
In the truth, with the truth is where love triumph. Be wise as serpents but as harmless as doves. I used to sing the lyrics, "the truth hurts, but the lies worst". Not all truths hurt, and even when they do, it is usually for the good. There are no half-truths, because half-truths are still lies. 

12. Love always protects.
In the context of love, 'protects' mean 'to cover'. If there are faults or shortcomings found in a loved one, love has the power to overcome it. Love aims to give rather than to receive, to shield rather than to reveal. Love strengthens what is weak, shields what is vulnerable and forgives what is provoking.

13. Love always trusts.
If you need to get suspicious, be suspicious of the damaging news. Trust that your loved one would do the right thing, believe that your loved one loves you. Doubt is the number 1 killer in most relationships. Communicate your thoughts and feelings to each other well, and build your trust on an unshakable foundation.

14. Love always hopes.
Disappointments should never be a concern when it comes to hoping. Hope is a full confidence that expresses more than a desire or wish. Love always points to a brighter day ahead – it lives to loves life and see good days.

15. Love always perseveres.
Endurance is a test of strength. True love never gives up, true love only gives in. True love never burns out, true love only burns. 

16. Love never fails.
"Love is not based on whims, feelings or passing fancies". The highest standard of love is never to fall. Do you know that the Greek Word, "fail", is actually "to fall" in English? To fall in love is to fail in love, but true love is constant forever.  True love is everlasting. It never ends.

I hope you will find true love, and never forget to mediate on these 16 things. Always know that YOU are loved :). Have a blessed day!
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