4 Tips for getting rid of loneliness, anger, worry and fear.


I have seen several tweets on my feed recently where people have taken to social media platforms to confess that they are lonely. "Why am I still feeling lonely even when I am in a crowd?" The best cure for loneliness is NOT seeking the company of others, but being who you truly are. It seems that many people are ashamed to be seen feeling lonely. There are countless of people who packed their food to some secret place to eat for fear of being seen eating in public. That, my friend, actually counts as loneliness. To counter loneliness, start focusing on your inner identity and understand your actual needs. Many people have been living in conflicting identity over the years, and the media in society has painted a very different view of what life really is. I confess that my loneliest period was the time where I spent the most time with friends – friends who aren't truly friends, friends who don't really care, friends who wouldn't have a heart-to-heart conversation, friends who only pretend to be your friends to fill up their Facebook photo albums and Instagram feed. After realising that I should get my priorities right, I began to selectively speak to friends of my innermost thoughts, and they reciprocated it. I have an amazing family, and a fulfilling innermost spiritual life. To top it all, quality time with friends have eradicated all feelings of loneliness ever since. I think life is truly amazing right now and I am just so blessed.


It's okay to get pissed off once in awhile, but if you feel that you get angry almost too many times and can't stop your fiery pot from boiling, it's time to step out of your situation and reflect. Anger issues usually stem from a heart of pride, where you feel that you have to stoop to someone else's standards and your heart is not ready to serve. In other words, you want to be served the way you think you should be because you think highly of yourself. Yes, that sounds hurting but it actually is true. Anger can cause your behaviour to escalate, from a sarcastic tone to shouting or hurling objects at your victim. Anger is good if you want to correct a person, but usually rendered useless if you want to prove yourself high and mighty.


This is an issue that I battle with the most. Honestly, worrying is something that I'm learning to overcome. That's actually a wrong train of thought because I don't think we can ever 'overcome' worries but to 'let go' of them. Look at all the birds in the field above. Does any of them worry about not having enough worms to catch? NO! That's because they don't look at their competition. Honestly, there are SO MANY other fields out there for them, but birds seem to flock together. They don't bother about their opponent, their eyes are only on their goal: the worm. Competition may be tough, and it is especially so in Singapore. It's so easy to get caught up in this rat's race. If you win this rat race, you are still a rat. Don't be a rat because you're not in this race just to get to the finishing line. You're not in this race with the sole purpose of awaiting death. You have the prize of an upward call– aim for that goal. That should be your benchmark and worries will seem so far away. This train of thought works effectively for me to be worry-free... but it is always so easy to fall into that trap once again. Remind yourself that you are in this world, but not of this world!


I was watching Doctor Oz on Channel 5 today and was extremely shocked at the number of Americans who have insomnia. According to sleep experts, insomnia is usually caused by a major event, and usually it is a negative or traumatic one. Psychologists can only diagnose major illnesses as a result of fear, but where do fear actually comes from? How do we actually overcome fear? Last week, I dreamt of a serpent gliding through my skull, waiting to swallow my mind. I have found the answer: fear comes from a spirit of accusation and condemnation. It comes subtlety, making you think that everything is your fault, and that you have to apologise to every single matter. I want to set you free from all these warped ideas – there is no need to fear of darkness, of cockroaches or of heights. Fear stems from your subconscious, and your subconscious is usually made up of events in your past. There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. Yes, fear can be eradicated. We can be fearless in front of our enemies when we soak ourselves in perfect love. Wait for that perfect love, and if you can't find it in this world, there is perfection in heavenly places. Believe in it.

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  1. Hi, these are great tips to remember to help people with loneliness. Thanks so much for posting this. I also love the pictures of the cat. Is it yours? So cute!

    1. Hi Rose :) I'm glad that the post has helped you, it's a great reminder for all. The cats aren't mine, but there are many cats roaming about in Singapore! Thanks for the compliments!
      Beyond love,