Firing up the love at The Cliff with The Sentosa Singapore:
A Beaufort Hotel

With the courtesy of OpenRice, my beloved and I had the opportunity to enjoy a 4-course 'Fire Up The Love' Cooking Class with Chef Garrry Edson on Valentine's Day at The Cliff! If you don't already know, The Cliff is a top restaurant located in Sentosa that sets new standards in the culinary arts. The restaurant overlooks the South China Sea and features a open-concept kitchen while dining in the lush jungle. While cooking I could hear the crowing of peacocks and calls of monkeys in this alfresco haven... and I was so glad that there were NO MOSQUITO bites or whatsoever there!

It was really cooling due to the sea breeze that came from the Palawan Beach.

Appetiser: Timbale of Avocado Tomato
Infused with Basil oil and served with glazed goat's cheese and balsamic aged syrup, the contents of the appetiser was a perfect blend for my tastebuds. It was SO good that I made this for breakfast today again. 
We torched the egg that were placed on top of goat cheese. We had to dice up the tomatoes and avocados into neat squares before stacking it up together. The assistant chefs were all very helpful in showing us what to do and how to go about doing it!

Here's how the delicious meal looks like by yours truly :)

Here's my partner's delicious-looking appetiser... with a lot of balsamic aged syrup! Our presentation isn't that bad huh! :)

Soup: Slow-cooked Roma Tomato Soup
Served with cream swirls and heart-shaped croutons, the soup was prepared overnight by the chef using a slow-cooker. The tomatoes were melted beautifully. Both of us hate tomatoes but we loved the strong flavours of the soup: sour, sweet and salty all at once!  

 It's supposed to be cream swirls but I loved cream too much not to spam it :) 

Main (1): Grilled Seabass
Served with a warm salad of artichokes, baby potatoes & sundried tomatoes and finished with light cream vanilla sauce, my partner made the grilled seabass with much patience and love!
 Seeing him chop up the delicate baby potatoes was really funny!
 Here's a good attempt to present the grilled seabass like a pro... the yellow spots weren't oil, but it was fragrant vanilla sauce for the fish!

Main (2): Roasted breast of free range chicken
Served with a wild mushroom and vegetable stew and infused with truffle oil, I had to barbecue this on a smokeless charcoaled pit. It was really fun as I attempt to make the criss-cross markings on the chicken breast. 

The highlight was supposed to be chicken but I guess I didn't go easy on the vegetable stew! My chicken drowned in the sauce but the meat managed to stay tender and juicy. 

Dessert: Vietnamese Chocolate Tart
 Served with stewed red fruits and white chocolate cream, the Vietnamese Chocolate tart is good for any coffee and chocolate lover. 
The chef imparted a lot of  knowledge regarding food science... such as teaching us how to keep the pastry from shrinking back by putting rice on it! The ingredients that The Cliff uses are all very fresh and they're actually quite expensive when sold at supermarkets.
I really love our teamwork: chopping and mixing and having LOTS of fun! :D

 Encompassing both bitterness, saltiness and sweetness, the Vietnamese Chocolate Tart had a strong fragrance of coffee.

We had great fun playing with the food and eating them. We really thank God for this fun and meaningful day; Christ is the fire in us that keeps the flame of love burning! 

We stand fearless at The Cliff-edge of doom, courageous in seastorm and earthquake.
(Psalm 46:2)

The Sentosa, A Beaufort Hotel
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Firing up the love at The Cliff with The Sentosa Singapore:
A Beaufort Hotel
Firing up the love at The Cliff with The Sentosa Singapore: <br>A Beaufort Hotel
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