Flaunt your new hairstyle this year!

I hope you're enjoying your Lunar New Year! Although it may be fun to dress up during special occasions, it's important to look presentable all-year round! I have recently fallen in love with tweaking my hairstyle... because it can really give you a very different aura. If you need inspiration of what to do with your hair, here are some examples for you.

1. Xiao Long Nü (女)'s morning look
Do you remember the legendary Xiao Long Nu with her beautiful hairdo? Sadly, her hairstyle would take several hours to make. I've come up with a lesser version of her hairstyle. This look is EXTREMELY easy to do, and it doesn't compromise her elegance! Sweep your fringe to the side. Using a claw clip or an alligator clip, divide a portion of your hair into two. Try to clip your hair as high up a the crown as possible. As I have rather thick hair, the hair tends to slip out of the clip. If you're having the same problem as me, select only the hair from your sideburns and leave the rest of your hair as loose strands.

Difficulty level: 2/5 strands

2. Fashion in the 60's look
The 60's feel so far away, but they are rich in fashion. There are several ways to do this look. One possible way would be tying your hair up in a bun after showering and wait until it dries. Put a little of LIESE designing jelly to hold the waves. In this look, all is needed is lots of volume and little waves at the end.

Another way to get this fabulous look is to use a hair straightener to curl your hair. Select large portions of your hair and twist it under high heat. Don't forget to put the LIESE Iron Make Rich Curl before you curl your hair!

Wear a pair of huge red hoop earrings. You'll look like an Agogo dancer.

Difficulty level: 4/5 strands

 3. Ponytail
It's the horse (马) year, how much more should you sport a look wearing "pony"tails? This look is so easy that it almost looks boring. Tweak this version a little and set your ponytail off-center. Gather and secure your hairstyle towards the side of your head! This will work great if you have coloured or highlighted hair. Check out LIESE Bubble coloured hair to experiment with new fun and exciting colours!

Difficulty level: 1/5 strands

 3. Tousled Wavy hair
This hairstyle has always been the classic hair if you're going to a beach, but nowadays it has become so popular that it is no surprise to see them on the street. Almost every celebrity also has tousled wavy hair for the red carpet! For this look, you will need a curling hair product (why not use LIESE's?), a hairdryer and a Round comb. This look is rather tedious, but when you become expert in it, it will only take 10 minutes!

It's a great look for almost every occasion – why not try it for the upcoming Valentine's Day? :)

Difficulty level: 3/5 strands

Flaunt your new hairstyle this year! Flaunt your new hairstyle this year! Reviewed by Littletinysun on 5:13:00 PM Rating: 5


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