Philips Airfryer event with Nuffnang

Had the privilege to participate in Philips Air-fryer event last weekend at Cookyn Inc! Thank you Nuffnang for the G+ Exclusive invite, it really came as a surprise. It was a great honour to meet Maureen aka Miss Tam Chiak (she's so sweet in person!) and Jessica aka Shiberty!
We were assigned to Miss Tam Chiak's team and hooray, that's our prizes! Together with my team of 5, our dish won second PRIZE, and I was surPRISED (it rhymes)!.
We were given 1 hour 15 minutes to prepare our four-course meal... as well as to market our dishes to the judges. That was easily made possible with Philip Avance Collection Fryer XL . My mum has been contemplating on whether to get an Airfryer before the event because of the impressive no-oil benefit.

It was a really fun and friendly cookout between Shiberty and Miss Tam Chiak!
That's Masterchef in the making :) I see God moulding such a marvellous head of the household.
It was a really difficult time trying to beat the eggs into a fluffy texture. We took turns whisking the eggs, preparing the Baked Cherry Clafoutis

That's the before-picture.

And this came out from the air fryer after 20 minutes. NO, it wasn't burnt, but pardon my poor photography skills. This was my first time using a DSLR, kindly borrowed from my sweet, talented brother.
Here's the eggplant that was produced by someone in Miss Tam Chiak's team.
This dish won the first prize! LOOKS can be deceiving, but it was heavenly delicious. The team tweaked the recipe a little, and it came out realy good. It was a mouthful of cheese accompanying potato slices.
That's our dish that won second-place! "P" for Philips, using sugar dust. 
This was the succulent and juicy chicken.

For our marketing campaign, one of my team members sacrificially kissed on the paper with her lipstick. I guess the years of training in Creative Strategies and advertising have really helped the brainstorming process!

The judges made second rounds with our dishes! I really loved how the event was so well-executed, and the venue was really spacious to work around. I'm impressed how the food was evenly and thoroughly cooked with the Philip Avance Collection Fryer XL , and it's really cooking made simple. There was a pull-out drawer and an easy-to-lift cover... really user-friendly!

To end the day, I had a lovely picture taken with Jessica! Although we are both of the same age, it feels like we are in very different stages of life :)

Looking forward to future culinary experiences!

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  1. I always wanted one of these to fry without guilt. I didn't know it could cook so many things hmmm now I really want one.

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  3. Philips Air fryer is a good choice for me. I think I will buy one after read this blog post.
    Love your blog, Shermaine !