Sample Store Review: UV Aqua White CC Cream, La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Cream, Darlie Expert Fresh

I've had my first Sample Store checkout in February 2014. I've never dared to try switching products, especially when it comes to facial products, because of my sensitive skin. Sample Store made it so much easier because I can try the new samples before making a purchase. You can get sponsored samples (with free delivery), or pay a flat-rate handling fee of SGD5.99 for 4 different samples. Each unit of sample redemption requires 2 points, and you have to make reviews on the Sample Store.

Please note that the following reviews are for my skin type: sensitive / combination skin.

1. UV Aqua White CC Cream SPF 30PA++
Ingredients: Arnica Flower, Milfoil, Gentian, Wormwood, Sea Daffodil
I love the elegant packaging. I always believe that when a company is detailed and meticulous in designing their products' appearance, they will not fall short in the quality of their products.

The CC cream was quite watery when I squeezed the tube, and I love how the texture was so thin and it felt like there was nothing on my face.
Blending in was very easy. I only did two swipes with my finger and most of the CC cream felt like it penetrated through my face. There was a matt finish, my face did not appear oily or shiny but glowing. I love the hydrating effect. 

Here's the results of the UV Aqua White CC cream after I put it for more than 10 hours, my face did not feel oily at all but fully hydrated.

Where To Buy: Sheng Shiong, Giant, Fairprice, CK, Cold Storage
Retail Price: $28.90 / 30ml

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This is my favourite BB cream which I intend to make a purchase.  Initially, there is a sticky feeling when rubbing it into my face with gentle strokes. I love how the SPF is higher than UV Aqua White, because I'm out in the sun a lot. You need extra protection, especially in Singapore.

You can apply on face as a make-up basis or a daily moisturizer. However, the eye area must be avoided. I felt that all I needed was a small amount to cover my whole face. The colour was very natural, but remember, you can't use this to cover dark circles!

My skin initially looked flaky at first, but after 5 minutes, it absorbed the entire BB Cream. The best part is, it's extremely good for sensitive skin! However, I didn't get the same hydrating effect as I would from the UV Aqua White CC Cream.

The BB mineral pigments melt in the skin for a unified, evened and fresh-faced complexion. Look at the smooth and non-greasy texture! Most importantly, it is paraben-free, non comedogenic, hypoallergenic and nickel-controlled.
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3. Darlie Expert Fresh Toothpaste
Containing active zinc citrate, this Darlie toothpaste kept my breath feeling fresh for more than 12 hours. I felt that my oral health improved a lot after using it, and the taste didn't make me feel like vomiting. Forget about chewing on sweets and mints in order to keep your breath fresh, this Darlie toothpaste didn't give me any problems in having mouth odour. 

Where To Buy: NTUC Fairprice, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, Prime, Watsons, Guardian, Unity and other cosmetic stores
Retail Price: $5.90/120g, $3.00/40g

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Sample Store Review: UV Aqua White CC Cream, La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Cream, Darlie Expert Fresh Sample Store Review: UV Aqua White CC Cream, La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Cream, Darlie Expert Fresh Reviewed by Littletinysun on 7:20:00 PM Rating: 5

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