10 reasons why every Singaporean should visit Kakis Bistro & Bar

When it comes to visiting Kakis Bistro & Bar, there is a long list of interesting experiences that can be derived from this rustic hideout. Not only is it family-friendly, the pleasant quaint place is also great for large groups and couples. This is a hidden gem that the masses have yet to discover, so be convinced by Ten reasons why you should visit Kakis Bistro & Bar. 
kakis bistro & bar review

1. See the sunset with your loved ones.

sunset singapore

Watch the sun slowly set over a lush green field when you sit on the bar stool at the left of Kakis bistro (facing the stage). This is probably the only Bistro & Bar where you can truly relax and savour every single moment as you see the last light of the sun dimming into darkness. Don't worry about sweating in the heat — the air is pretty cool with the large fans strategically located at each corner of the Bistro.

2. Meditate while listening to the chirping birds and truly feel 'zen'.

The stone statues and a Dolby Digital surround sound of birds melodious chirping in Kakis Bistro further enhances serenity. If you need a getaway, you don't have to go far with Kakis Bistro & Bar only a stone's throw away from Changi Village.

3. Choose from a wide variety of alcohol with your mates.

If there is anything that Kakis would pride itself in, that would be the endless options of alcohol. With Happy Hour promotions, patrons get to enjoy alcohol and beer at a surprisingly affordable rate with no GST or service charges. Forget about clubbing and pricey bars, Kakis Bistro & Bar should definitely be in your go-to / to-do list.

4. Soak in the sights of lush greenery while watching the golfer putting in.

No matter which angle you snap in Kakis Bistro & Bar, every picture you take will look picture-perfect. The natural lighting is not only fantastic, but the scenery is so much better than climbing Bukit Timah Hill or MacRitchie Resevoir. Perfect for group selfies, family selfies, or solo selfie.

5. Create lovely memories with your beloved in a simple romantic getaway.

When I first stepped into Kakis Bistro & Bar, I thought that I was stepping into a fairytale love story. Kakis Bistro & Bar is the perfect location for solemnisations, garden parties, birthday parties and a quiet wedding. Couples can take a slow stroll into Kakis Bistro & Bar from Changi Village and be mesmerised by the no-frills tour and back to basics.

6. Be entertained by a LIVE band and show off your skills at the pool table.

Kakis Bistro & Bar currently have a very awesome LIVE band called 'The Passerby', who literally can sing every and any song except "What Does the Fox Say?" I thought the lead singer pulled off Frozen's Let It Go really well. Patrons can also make dedications and there is even an open-mic session, so anyone can go up and sing while the live band play the melody for you. In addition, the pool table is available for anyone to use, how awesome is that!

7. Take a breather away from the city with green walls and carpet grass.

There are several slabs of walls filled with different species of plants, and if you're lucky you may even spot a 3D Green-wall panel. The air feels a lot fresher over there, and there is something enchanting with the way these plants look at night.

8. Be amused by hilarious signs around Kakis Bistro & Bar.

"My wife dresses to kill. She cooks the same way." Be pleasantly surprised with double entendre statements hidden at various corners of Kakis Bistro & Bar. Here's where you can hear laughters ring.

9. Go on a free educational journey with greenology next to the Bistro. 

Interested to see the next phase of urban green evolution? Catch the open exhibition located in the very same space of Kakis Bistro & Bar. They have very interesting hydroponics for display as well.

10. Give your tastebuds a kick with the tantalising food served by the friendly crew.

Great food should accompany great conversations.

On a score of 10, Kakis Bistro deserve a 8.5 as their food is tastefully done. Read this post for a FULL food review on Kakis Bistro & Bar.

Most items are slightly spicier for mildly tolerant tastebuds, but that is because they are largely influenced by the Indian cuisine. Speaking to the young and brave lady boss of Kakis Bistro & Bar, I learnt that she decided to chase her dreams as she recently lost her husband of less than two years to heart attack and realised that life is really short. Her story is truly inspiring and I wish her success in her challenging journey ahead.

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  • 289 Farnborough Road
  • Singapore 509747
    Mon: 4:00 pm - 12:00 am
    Wed - Sun: 4:00 pm - 12:00 am
    Tel: +65 6214 2956
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