Benefit Brow Bar Singapore Westgate Review

"A Benefit Brow Bar is where girls in-the-know gets brows on-the-go".  Entering the boutique store felt like I was stepping into the chamber of a victorian princess — the light-hearted pastel colours, beautiful chandeliers, pink tabletops and flowery wallpapers — they were enough to calm my nerves from getting my brows stripped, I mean, waxed.

Image from Benefit Cosmetics Facebook

It is compulsory to make an advanced booking with the Brow Experts as the process takes about 15 minutes to half-an-hour. If you intend to tint your brows, it might take up to one hour.
This is because the Brow Experts are extremely meticulous in their handicraft and they want to ensure that your brows fit the shape of your face perfectly.

I made a call to the outlet more than a week before my appointment date, but apparently the receiver did not make the booking for my friend, Amie and I. We still managed to get a brow waxing anyway but had to wait.

During the waiting process, the cosmetologist introduced their  various products such as the 'Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow!' and 'Porefessional'. She also introduced us to Benefit Hoola Bronzer, but I decided that it would be more wise to get the products from Sephora since I was a member there.
 After a long wait, Amie got her brow mapping by Alice while Fon did the brows for me. Before he started waxing, he asked several questions such as whether I have used Acutane and other antibiotics. I didn't, and I told him that I have ultra sensitive skin that would turn red the moment you touch it. Of course... no one really believes it until they see it for themselves!

After wiping my eyebrows, he saw that my forehead turned really red and told Alice to come over. Alice said that my skin would leave, which I totally did not know what that meant. She asked if I still wanted to go ahead with the waxing, and I wanted to know how serious the consequence would be. They said that it should be fine, so I just went ahead with it anyway.

Fon the brow expert asked if I wanted thicker or thinner brows. Being a newbie at this whole brow-thing, I said whatever he thinks that would be good. He did a brow mapping before and explained to me the arches and tails before waxing it.

The waxing process was not very painful when compared to threading or tweezing. The wax used was a little warm, but because my brows were really bushy, he had to use a lot of waxing strips.

My brows were more defined and gave me a more classy look (I think?). I also finally understood what Alice meant when she said that my 'skin would leave'. So now there are patches of flesh on my forehead because the waxing took away some skin along with it. I hope that will heal soon and thankfully my fringe would actually cover it!

Me with gorgeous Amie a.k.a Spherepiece!

Benefit Price List

Brow wax: SGD24.00
Brow Tint: SGD25.00
Brow wax / tint: SGD42.00
Brow / Lip wax: SGD32.00

Lip wax: SGD16.00
Chin Wax: SGD18.00
Lip / Chin wax: SGD26.00
Brow / Tint / Lip: SGD52.00
Brow / Tint / Lip / Chin: SGD62.00

Benefit Boutique
Westgate Mall [Brow Bar] #02-15
Tel: 6369 9496
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  1. Did you draw your eyebrows or did you went to do the tinting after the waxing as shown in your "After" waxing picture??

    1. Hi there! I only did waxing, but Fon (the consultant) drew my brows for me. You see a different colour because it's make-up by Benefit! :)

  2. do you have to purchase the brow zing kit? :)

    1. Hi there! it's not necessary to purchase the brow zing kit :)

  3. I’m grateful that there are online shops in the Philippines offering Benefit cosmetics, I can get ahold of these products!
    ~Pauline @ Benefit makeup Philippines