Filial Party Media Launch and Movie Review

Popcorn in hand and coke in another, I dragged myself into the theatre thinking that this might be another movie filled with cold jokes and criticisms against the local government. Through the years, I felt that the local media has been using movies as a form of subtle policy policing. Most of the times, the movies are too exaggerated. Remember Jack Neo's movie who referred the institution, "ITE" as "It's The End"? Such scripted lines form perceptions among the local audiences. As I love the local community, my sentiments towards movies that are born locally are extremely critical. Filial Party has succeeded in making it to my "Must-Watch" list.

Isn't it rather satirical that both the Lees (Christopher Lee and Mark Lee) are starring in it? Of course, this has nothing to do with government — but the definition of what filial piety is. The story was written by award-winning Rebecca Leow, and of course, the plot is ingenious and it simply showed one thing that is true: the rich is getting richer, and the poor gets poorer.

 Many celebrities from the media were invited to the movie launch at Vivo City's Golden Village. The entire theatre was booked (Yes, no other movies were screening at that time!).

 The movie depicts three characters from everyday life: a lawyer, a security guard and a fresh graduate. They are played by Ann Kok, Christopher Lee and Hayley Woo respectively. Mark Lee plays as the millionaire host of the game show. Tan Diya sang the sub-theme song of the movie and I thought it was superb! Local singers are increasingly gifted.

Watch the movie trailer and you will discover the heart-wrenching tale behind this comedic movie.

Filial Party Media Launch and Movie Review Filial Party Media Launch and Movie Review Reviewed by Littletinysun on 10:38:00 AM Rating: 5

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