Griddy Gourmet Waffles Westgate Review

If you're looking for a twist from your usual meal, forget the idea that waffles can only be eaten as a snack. GRIDDY gourmet waffles have been at the forefront of rebranding the circular pancake with grids on it. They no longer have to come only in kaya or chocolate fillings, but in a symphony of flavours.

Take Griddy's Sausage Medley as an example. Wrapped in between the classic waffles is the German-styled chicken snail sausage, with a spread of Japanese Mayonnaise that satiates any sort of appetite.

 Hidden beneath lies the gem, the Gamon Ham, as well as sautéed onion and lettuce.

Served with crisp waffle fries on the side, the sweet and savoury meal had a combination of all sorts of textures for your tastebuds: from crispiness to juiciness and tenderness to crunchiness. I just had to go 'wow' after finishing it!

No matter which angle of the Griddy's waffle you snap, the photo would just look great! The Sausage Medley does not only look great but surprisingly, it gives off a refreshing and unique twist to waffles.

I also have to say that I really love their open concept restaurant too. However, they do charge customers for 10% service charge even though we have to order ourselves at the counter and take the utensils ourselves.

Griddy's Gourmet Waffles
3 Gateway Drive, 
Westgate #B2-K12
Singapore 608532
Tel : 6465 9465

Opening Hours
Sunday – Thursday : 11:00am – 10:00pm
Friday & Saturday : 11:00am – 10:30pm
Griddy Gourmet Waffles Westgate Review Griddy Gourmet Waffles Westgate Review Reviewed by Littletinysun on 12:46:00 AM Rating: 5

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