Halal-certified Catch 'N Bite seafood review

Without Catch 'N Bite, Singapore is deprived of fuss-free and affordable seafood. Catch 'N Bite offers real, fresh and proper seafood in a sandwich that is unlike Long John Silver's deep-fried battered fish. There is only one Catch 'N Bite store in Singapore, hence the exclusivity makes the food so much more delightful. I must say I haven't eaten such satisfying seafood for a really long time, 'lest you count my previous post on Chilli Crabs.

Only available in takeaway, the food can easily be a quick fix and delectable lunch for office workers. In addition, Muslims get to enjoy the recently halal-certified seafood. There are tables nearby for you to eat while you stand, or seats located near the escalator.

There are stickers branded with Catch 'N Bite to ensure that the wrapper does not unfold by itself. The no-frills for seafood brings my focus to the food itself— would it actually be flavoursome enough?

Crunchin' Crab SGD6.90

Unwrapping the Crunchin' Crab was as joyous as managing to make a fresh catch of the crab from the vast ocean itself. The meal presents itself a crispy soft-shell crab, layered with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and pickles, in between a toasted ciabatta bun. The overall amalgamation of deeply savoury flavours is enhanced by the drizzle of their very own Ol’ Spice Sauce. Mildly tolerant taste buds for spiciness need not fret as it is totally not spicy at all. I must say that I love this bun a lot and would highly recommend it to anyone. 10/10 for the sandwich at such an affordable cost.

Ultimate Crab SGD7.90

I was expecting to have some fake crab (e.g: crabstick) in this bun, but I was pleasantly surprised with the luxurious crab meat filling that was piqued with a hint of sweetness. Served with fresh vegetables on a toasted ciabatta bun, it was a satisfying and comforting pairing. The fillings came as slightly cold, which gave the crab meat a renewed and refreshing taste. In comparison with the Crunchin' Crab, both are equally delightful and wonderfully heady for a flavoursome lunch.

For a limited time only, you can upgrade your meal with an additional $1 for Golden Fries and Drink.  These straight-cut fries are doused with a dash of pepper and spice.

P.S: Don't forget to download Perx on your mobile phone to get loyalty chops that would entitle you to free sides and meals on future visits!

Oh yes, they also offer a Bento Sets and a wide range of Tapas which I can't wait to get my hands on. 'till next time then, mate!

Catch 'N Bite
Westgate #B2-K16
3 Gateway Drive Singapore 608532
Tel: +65 6465 9935
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 Daily

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