Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hee Kee Dessert Menu Singapore Jurong Point

There are several dessert places located in Jurong Point itself — from small stores located within the food court to stand-alone dessert stores. I always love a little sugar rush at the end of each main meal, but for the sake of having a healthy body, there is a limit to how much sugar my blood can take. One of the places you should consider making your next go-to dessert place would definitely be Hee Kee Desserts, because their recipes combine the most exquisite taste selections.

True to their promise, they turn every ordinary dessert into a delicacy. Originated from Hong Kong, the desserts are handmade and created fresh daily.

Hee Kee mango chee cheong fun

 Mango Chee Cheong Fun — SGD3.30 (per pc)

Also known as steamed rice roll, the Mango Chee Cheong Fun makes every lips turn excruciatingly sweet. There is a scoop of ice to dilute the sweetness of the pure mango. I really love the slippery taste of the chee cheong fun, which made the dessert not too sticky but really smooth to swallow.

Hee Kee mango chee cheong fun
The mango base wasn't too thick, and I totally loved the after-taste.

hee kee durian with glutinous rice balls

 Durian with Glutinous Rice Balls — SGD5.90

One of my top favourite desserts come from Hee Kee's Dessert with Glutinous Rice balls. The dish was really cold, chewy, sticky and sweet. I would highly recommend this dish to anyone who loves a little sweet treat for themselves.

hee kee durian with glutinous rice balls
 I love how the rice balls are smaller in size so that it would not overwrite the texture of the delicious durian!

hee kee store locationHee Kee Desserts
Jurong Point #03-54
Singapore 648886
Tel: +65 6743 8480

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