Kimly Seafood Kitchen — Zi Char in the West

I was searching for online reviews for this Zi Char (煮炒: Cook and Fry) restaurant and realised that there wasn't any, so my family and I blindly picked the dishes and hoping that it'll taste good this time round. Previously, we tried their seafood as we thought they would specialise in that area. Sadly we were disappointed by the quality of it but things took a turn this time round!

Please make your reservation early if you have more than four people or risk being turned away. There is an unwanted corner table because it is like sitting on a wooden bench in an aromatic sauna— you will end up going home in sweat and an oily odour.

Hot Plate Tofu —SGD10.00. Kimly Seafood cooks their tofu a little differently. The traditional circular tofu is replaced by a slab of squarish-looking tofu in a sizzling hot plate, with a dash of bonito flakes on top of it.

The gravy encompassed both sweetness and saltiness, which makes each bite tantalising to my tastebuds. Thinking of the soft texture of the tofu now makes me salivate *drools*.

Kang Kong SGD7.00. With a slight sesame and nutty taste, the Kang Kong was a mouthful of flavours. However, it is  a tad too oily for me. In fact, I looked like I had lip gloss on after each bite! The stem was really crunchy but it was a little hard to swallow because each strand of vegetable is as long as Rapunzel hair. Or Sadako's, if you remember her from The Ring.

Chef's Recommended Chicken — SGD15.00. Although the deep-fried chicken was recommended by the hawker, it was extremely oily and salty. The meat tasted really dry and hard, as if it was in the freezer for several days. I wouldn't recommend this dish— not at all.

I think it's important for people in the service line to be attentive to their customers' needs. You can very well receive that warmth in countries like Taiwan, but definitely Kimly Seafood Kitchen lacks that. Don't be surprised if you came at 6pm and there are 4 tables reserved for ghosts. My family and I were disallowed to sit at their reserved seats and they directed us to the sauna corner. Even after we finished eating, no one came anyway.

Kimly Seafood Kitchen
Blk 221 Boon Lay Place #01-100
S'pore 640221
Tel: 6265 9515

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