MEDZS Orchard Central Review

Tucked away in the corner of Orchard Central's basement, MEDZS is a restaurant that every shopper would notice when using the underground passageway towards Centrepoint. Several shout-outs have been made on their standees to pull people in, and I must say that every soul — whether famished or full — would have their eyes set on the decor of the entrance. Last weekend, the 'All-Day Weekend Brunch offers' had such a strong magnetic pull that in no time, I found myself walking down the aisles of the restaurant.

MEDZSZ orchard central

Doctors and physicians have lab coats to portray their professionalism, and so do the chefs of MEDZS. Cladded in an off-white chef shirt, together with their tall white hats and an apron across their waist,  each chef is stationed in one of the eight gourmet stores.  Another catch is this: there are over 100 labels of international and craft beers to pair with the delectable cuisine.

Similar to tapping your EZ-link Card in train stations, MEDZS uses an electronic card system where you only foot the bill at the end of the meal. Simply go to any of your favourite gourmet stations and the chef would tap the card for you. One of the perks that MEDZS offer is that there is no service charge. If you're thinking of what to eat in MEDZS, here are some options you can try.

rosti with sour cream

Rosti with Sour Cream — SGD7.90

There are three layers of texture describing the rosti — crispiness, moist and squishiness. Every spoonful of the Rosti gives satisfaction to both your jaws and tastebuds. The Rosti was sparingly oily, and is served with sour cream on the side. Dipping the Rosti into the sour cream allows you to customise the amount of sour cream you would want.

MEDZS Salmon Swiss Rosti

Cured Salmon Rosti — SGD10.90

The cured salmon had a slight hint between rawness and smokiness. Preserved by a combination of pickling, fermentation and smoking, it was a great combination with the grated potatoes.

MEDZS pesto chicken calzone

Pesto Chicken Calzone — SGD13.90

By folding a pizza into half, you get a brand new tasting dish. The Chicken Calzone reminded me of our local curry puff, except that it wasn't spicy and was larger in portion. The pesto combining with the chicken calzone was a marriage made in heaven — every bite was sweet and sour.

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road, #B2-01
Singapore 238896
Mon - Sun, 11 am - 11pm
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