7 Reasons why #OpenSnap is Singapore's next big thing

If there is any reason why OpenRice launched OpenSnap on the already-competitive Mobile food app in the market, it's because they have truly remarkable features! In fact, I spent most of the time getting distracted from my revision with this new App (Uh-oh!). Surely you won't want to miss out on this — the next food-only 'Instagram'. OpenSnap provides a great opportunity connecting to a global food community. 

OpenSnap has incorporated so many great features uniquely to Singaporeans, and with an international audience, I dare say it's Singapore's next big thing for foodies! Read more to find out 7 reasons why OpenSnap should be in your mobile.

1. Connect with international foodies!

Finally, there is a virtual community where I can belong to. OpenSnap provides a detailed food guide to more than 1 million restaurants across Asia, now you know where to go to get food that are not only delicious, but picture-worthy! Whether you need to research on restaurants in Taiwan or in Malaysia, just select the location and navigate through seamless pictures of delicious food. I won't be surprised if OpenSnap is the genie that turns you into a food guru; after all, the best food are now found at the touch of your finger tips.

2. Keep track of places that you have been to and food that you ate in an extremely organised manner.

Are you an OCD foodie or a forgetful one? OpenSnap provides an easy automated collection of restaurant albums that you have previously been to and eat at! So if you love to organise your food pictures into different categories, you'll definitely love OpenSnap.

If you are an OpenRice user, your previous reviews are automatically organised for you in your profile. I've never knew that I've been to more than 250 restaurants in Singapore! Follow me on OpenSnap at littletinysun :)

3. Play with awesome filters that make your food look good.

Since it's necessary to filter water from our toilet bowl to become NEWater, we just gotta filter all our food pictures to be GODlike. OpenSnap provides many filters that make your food look good extremely easily. Forget about using vsco or any other photo-editing Apps; OpenSnap is more than a food App — it makes your food look good on photo.

4. Decorate with uniquely Singaporean stickers!

Although the App can be used in several Asian markets, Singaporeans are able to decorate uniquely Singaporean stickers on their pictures! Local 'foodological' terms such as 'Ho Jiak', 'Sedap' and 'Don't say I bo jio' are just some terms that will identify your patriotism for this very great country! There are classic stickers as well, such as emoticons and beautiful food-related typography. You can also adjust the size of the stickers, and this would make every foodie go 'ooh la la~'. Indeed, "it's a really very shiok app sia!" #oppaSGstyle

5. Discover what you can order — INSTANTLY.

Don't know what to order in a cafe, or in a coffeeshop or a hawker centre? Because of the huge coverage OpenSnap has, such recommendations are now closer to you! Forget about skimming through Instagram hashtags and food pictures just to find out what is delicious, because most of the times I've been to places through Instagram hashtags and the food just ain't good. OpenSnap even tells you right up to the locational information of where exactly your next food venue is — wow, just wow. This should make you want to download and use OpenSnap already, isn't it?!

6. You can turn on your stalking mode.

If the above list of reasons still doesn't convince you, here goes: there is great freedom in stalking on OpenSnap — you can't set to private, heh heh heh. Ever heard the famous quote 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach'? Actually I really believe that applies to women too. Raise your bow and arrow by finding out what your special someone's favourite food and restaurants are! Or your best friend's. Or your parents'. If you truly have no one to follow, there will always be suggested users for quality recommendations of food. Like following littletinysun (sadly, I can't follow myself!).

7. Your thumbs will enjoy a good work-out daily!

We all love scrolling — whether with your thumb or your first finger — food pictures in OpenSnap will keep your fingers muscular and strong with the endless addictive scrolling. Only then can you cut through the toughest beef because you've got a really strong finger! In addition, OpenSnap has a "LOVE" function and "comments"! Forget about "like", you can freely give out hearts here (and not take them back). Yep, the special feature of OpenSnap is this: Once you like a photo, you cannot unlike it! This would be really great so that users can't get your attention by liking your pictures, making you follow them, and then remove their likes. I'm not joking, my fingers are really strong now and I believe I can tear a coconut. 

It is always best to download a new Mobile App early to get the first-mover advantage. If I haven't yet convince you, why not try out the App first? It comes so handy and useful for anyone!

To download the App on your mobile, visit OpenSnap.

The App is only fun when you connect with your network of friends too! Why not like and share this post with them? *winks* View my latest post on OpenSnap launch event here.

7 Reasons why #OpenSnap is Singapore's next big thing 7 Reasons why #OpenSnap is Singapore's next big thing Reviewed by Littletinysun on 12:36:00 AM Rating: 5


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