The Art House Exhibition: Give a Child's Story a Happy Ending

Last Friday, the students from Regional Strategic Communication Management finally get to exhibit their collaterals of China, more specifically Yong Sheng, at the Arts House. It was a really beautiful place, a location used to celebrate couples turning into newlyweds. The grandeur of the location was a really huge contrast to the pictures and stories of poverty-stricken Yong Sheng.
Somehow, a spirit of gratitude washed over me again. "You are the light of the world — a city on a hill cannot be hidden" (Matthew 5:14).

Our portfolios were mounted on easels, with beautiful snapshots of the villages in the background. As I see the guests walked about the Blue Room, pausing at each board, I thought that the hard work done was all worth it.

And these are the people who injected fun, joy and laughter into the heartbreaking journey. They made me remember that I'm blessed to be born in the city, into the light. 

The back view of my professor arranging my pictures and advising on how I should stand. I really appreciate the independence that the overseers have taught us, how we were really given the freedom in executing the projects.

This is my first time having several pictures printed out — thank you brother Melvin for his powerful camera (which I didn't know how to use more than half of the time!).

A mother looking through her neighbour's house
For just SGD45.00 per month, you get to transform the lives of a community through a child. I have seen for myself how these collective pool of gifts have increased the standard of living for poverty-stricken villagers. If you already have other commitments, World Vision Singapore also accepts one-time gifts (e.g: finances to purchase a chicken, cow, pig, donkey, stationery, furniture, etc) for the villagers.

I am also very delighted and thankful that my beloved sisters and special one came. Nothing beats having people whom you love and love you to be by your side. <3

Okay so I've got a testimony to share about this dress.

A week before, I bought this dress online for only SGD24.00.

A day right after the exhibition, I went back to the same website to check if the item was still available. Guess what?! The price increased from SGD24.00 to SGD34.00 — $10 difference!! I refreshed the page many times and added the item to cart, just to check that there was no error. True enough, the very same item which I bought, had a price increase of $10.

This is my first time seeing a dress increasing in price. 

As part of the website team, I urge you to visit our project here.

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