7 Reasons why you should try MatchMove Wallet

This is the must-have mobile eWallet for every #onlineshopaholic. To everyone looking for safer ways to shop online (or those who do not qualify for a credit card), consider MatchMove wallet as your unique virtual card for shopping on Asos and iTunes.

With SO MANY banks and companies moving on to the next digital wave of providing mobile and electronic payments, I have decided to settle on one: MatchMove wallet. Here are 10 Reasons why you should, too.

1. The MatchMove Wallet is a complete wallet system.

I'm sure you have heard of the heavily advertised DBS Paylah/Dash which only allows consumers to transfer money from friend-to-friend or customer-to-merchant. HOWEVER, you are required to have an account/open an account with DBS/Stanchart in these Apps. I know most of us have such accounts but what if your transactions get jeopardised? I'm not sure if they have a good track record of secure ATM transactions...  

2. MatchMove is an eWallet — you spend online using prepaid-based virtual cards. 

It's like an online ez-link. Unlike the usual credit card (where you face the risk of security breaches), MatchMove has no physical card, no paperwork involved and there is no need to wait for weeks to get your card approved.  

3. Many merchants are onboard the system (with more coming soon)!

You can use MatchMove on any sites that accept American Express®. Some examples are:

Other online merchants include:

Fashion & Beauty 
Reebonz | www.reebonz.com.sg
Pretty Fit | www.prettyfit.com.sg
M)phosis | www.mphosis.net
Net-A-Porter | www.net-a-porter.com 
Shooz 4 Kids | www.shooz4kidz.com
My Theresa | www.mytheresa.com
Luxola |  www.luxola.com
Glamabox | www.glamabox.com/sg
Strawberrynet |  http://sg.strawberrynet.com/main.aspx
Threadless | www.threadless.com

Travel & Accomodation
Singapore Airlines | www.singaporeair.com
Silkair | www.silkair.com
Malaysia Airlines | www.malaysiaairlines.com
Cathay Pacific | www.cathaypacific.com
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines | www.klm.com
Turkish Airline | www.turkishairline.com
Air Asia |  www.airasia.com
Jetstar | ww.jetstar.com
Agoda | www.agoda.com
Shangri – La Hotels & Resorts | www.shangri-la.com
Batamfast Ferry | www.batamfast.com

Lifestyle & Entertainment 
Best Bargain |  www.bestbargain.com.sg
Deal | www.deal.com.sg
Fairprice Online |  www.fairprice.com.sg
Giant Online |  www.giantonline.com.sg
Cold Storage Online |  www.coldstorage.com.sg/onlineshopping/Default.aspx
Drugstore | www.drugstore.com
iHerb | www.iherb.com
Shaw Online | www.shaw.sg/sw_home.aspx
Sistic | www.sistic.com.sg
Adobe |  www.adobe.com
Courts |  www.courts.com.sg
Vpost | www.vpost.com.sg
Comgateway |  www.comgateway.com
Prince Flower Shop | www.prince.com.sg
Popular Online Bookstore | www.popular.com.sg
Amazon | www.amazon.com
Google Play | www.play.google.com/store
Steam | www.store.steampowered.com

4. Support home-grown e-payments startup.

Another compelling reason to use MatchMove Wallet is that they have emerged champions in the Innotribe Challenge London showcase. Thank you for doing Singapore proud, MatchMove!

"Winning in Europe has given us credibility and an enormous boost of confidence. As new entrants to fin-tech, we now have validation from a recognised, high-visibility innovation discovery programme like Innotribe," Mr Naik told The Business Times in an interview.

5. The safest and most secure mode of payment: MatchMove Wallet

Powered & certified by American Express © (You don't need to have an American Express card to use it), MatchMove Wallet provides full credit card security & is definitely MORE secure than PayPal or ANY OTHER payment method! Users of MatchMove Wallet will never have to reveal their real credit card/debit card/bank account details to online merchants.
Other technical details include:

  • PCI-DSS 2.0 compliant (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard)
    • Meets the highest global security standard
  • Dynamic CSC code 
    • A different code will be generated for each online transaction 
    • Code is only valid for 10 minutes

6. Quick, hassle-free signup!

The application process is extremely straightforward. It's like signing up for Facebook! You have to be at least 18 years old to sign up for an account, otherwise you may ask your parents to sign up and then share the account with them by having different cards. You can also easily submit scanned verification documents such as your NRIC to authorise your payments.

7. Grow wiser with multiple virtual cards!

Each MatchMove wallet can have up to 5 virtual cards. Why so many cards, you ask? It is for budget management of course — one for electronics, one for shopping, one for leisure and entertainment, another for groceries, etc. There is a "safe spending limit" section, so you don't have to worry about overspending!

With so many benefits of using MatchMove wallet, I'm glad to be one of the first few to try this platform. I would highly recommend that you do too! Be one of the first to tap into this innovative, secure and hassle-free electronic and mobile payment platform! Sign up by clicking here for MatchMove for FREE now.
7 Reasons why you should try MatchMove Wallet 7 Reasons why you should try MatchMove Wallet Reviewed by Littletinysun on 12:35:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. Thanks for a Review! Can the Physical card be used for ATM withdrawals abroad?

  2. do you still use matchmove now?

    1. Hi Brian, I no longer use matchmove as most friends don't use it too.

  3. Do you still use matchmove now?