Cozycot: THEFACESHOP SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Range Review

This post is long overdue, but I had the privilege to attend a 'Health Can Be Fun!' Food and Beauty workshop organised by Cozycot, TheFaceshop, Oh's Farm, HCF and OpenRice some time back. It was a cozy session held at the Studio Bar, and provided me a huge increase in knowledge of skin-deep secrets. This post focuses mainly on The Face Shop as there were too many things happening at the same time during the event. (See also at the end of post: Free Trip to Shanghai to meet Kim Soo Hyun).

Beauty Blogger Sheena Phua was also there to show how SMIM has transformed her complexion and she boldly claimed that she doesn't need to wear make-up or BB-cream when she goes out anymore

TheFaceShop crew applying SMIM essence on her

That aside, I met my kindergarten friend, Valerie!
What a small world! She was there because the lady representing Oh's Farm was her friend.

How time flies! It feels like only yesterday when I was looking forward to Friday with Val in kindergarten... because every Friday is the colourful iced gems day!

More importantly, here is the review of the full range of The SMIM Fermentation Concentrate:

SMIM Fermentation Total Treatment — S$66.90

With 85% pure yeast extract and naturally fermented kefir grains, this treatment intensely regenerates and repairs skin for optimal youth and glowing radiance. This ‘Miracle of Youth’ acts as a power booster to enhance the synergy of products used in subsequent steps to promote texture refinement, firming, wrinkle resilience, sebum balancing and radiance.

SMIM Fermentation Toner — S$53.90

It was hard to tell the difference between the bottle designs of the Fermentation Total Treatment and the Toner. Anyway, both bottles were really hard to grip and I think I will be confused if I was in a rush. The toner wasn't what I expected it to be(I usually use a water-soluble toner) — it was slightly creamier and thicker.

SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Essence — S$59.90

This is an all-in-one anti-aging essence that contains a high concentration of fine particles of fermented Tibetan mushroom extract and concentrated yeast extract. This lightweight essence aims to provide intense firming, radiance and regeneration to your skin.

Have you ever wondered what's the difference between an essence and a serum? 

An essence may be similar to a serum, but is usually lighter in form. Both essences and serums aim to treat specific skin problems such as wrinkles, enlarged pores, dryness, etc. Essences penetrate deep into your skin and work a lot better than regular moisturizers. It is advisable to wait 5-10 minutes before applying moisturiser to improve absorption.
Smim Fermentation Concentration Essence
 Light to the touch, the essence melts into my skin and leaves a satin radiance. It isn't sticky as well.

SMIM Fermentation Emulsion — $53.90

I didn't like the emulsion as I thought it was too thick and sticky, but I believe it suits women above 30.  It provides intensive firming and repair, and helps one achieve a youthful radiant glow and an even skin tone. The undiluted fermented yeast solution and Tibetan mushroom extracts render the skin flexible and elastic, for a refined skin texture. 

SMIM Pore finish essence — S$54.00

After using this, I thought my pores indeed looked more refined and tighter. However, my skin turned oily after about 6 hours. I think this is more suited to those with flaky, dry skin and large pores.

Since this is a beauty review, I shall end off with some selfie/selca/self-portrait shots. 

With filter, and my friend said I look like a ghost because of heavy makeup LOL It's actually 'HD filter'.

Image: THEFACESHOP Facebook

FIVE lucky winners will be heading to Shanghai to meet KIM SOO HYUN! 

3 easy steps to enter: 

1. Spend a minimum of $100 in a single receipt from 14 - 29 June 2014

2. Attach your receipt to the contest form and drop it at any THEFACESHOP outlet
3. Double your chances by posting your receipt with your Name and Email in the comment box here.

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