How to look flawless: A 1-step guide to perfect-looking skin

I'm really in love with this beauty product that I have been using for about a month now. Isn't it a chore these days when you step into a beauty shop and have absolutely no clue what to purchase? With a wide range of products in the market, how does one know exactly which suits you? I always believe that the type of primer, foundation and concealer you should use is highly dependent on your skin type, but here is one thing that most ladies have missed out. 

The after photo of the beauty blender
It's the ORIGINAL BEAUTY BLENDER! Never ever underestimate the power of a beauty tool. I was looking around SASA about a month ago when the lady introduced me to this ultimate sponge applicator. Truly, I have never used any sponge that reduced my make-up time to 3 minutes. The entire shape of the beauty blender is really a stroke of genius — you can blend your eye shadow, your cheeks and your entire face just by using different parts of the blender. 

Must-have make-up tool

The end result? You look natural! (At least I think so, haha)

Beautiful Singaporean girl model blogger

Available at BHG stores and SASA, the beauty blender is sold in a set of 2 pieces (pink and black colour) (S$39.90), or in a set of a single piece with a Beautyblender Solid Cleanser (S$49.90). Washing the Original Beauty Blender is extremely easy too. So far, my blender looks as good as new (I wash it once a week). Other bloggers have said that the beauty blender lasts about 6-8 months, depending on how often you use it.

Maybe I will do a make-up tutorial video soon (if I have the time). 
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  1. I love beauty blender too! :D It's easy to achieve that flawless even makeup look!

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