Top 10 Must-eat dishes at Swee Choon Restaurant

My mum has been going to Swee Choon Restaurant ever since she was 9 years old. The picture below is of their extension (where only outdoor seating is available). They now have service bells attached to the edge of their tables, thus harnessing technology to improve their service. I recall having to wave fervently to get the attention of the crew. Now, it’s all packed in a little button.

1. Steamed Buns (Xiao Long Bao) - S$4.60

Although the skin of these little dragon buns have not been folded eighteen times, it is still comparable to Din Tai Fung’s famed Xiao Long Bao. My lungs were filled with the fragrance of the meat  - and my tastebuds did a little dance in my mouth to the exquisite taste. This is one dish we should all take pride in – the ingenious idea of making a ‘pastry’ with soup within is definitely a breakthrough in the food industry.

2. Pork Dumplings (Siew Mai) - S$1.80

Although the meat tasted a little stale, the portion was huge. It’s one of the more affordable Siew Mais around. However, I do have a slight issue with them serving it on metal plates. My idea of Siew Mai is that it comes in baskets, not plates. I guess serving on a metal plate is more hygienic.

3. Golden Lava Custard Buns (Liu Sha Bao) - S$3.90

What I loved about Swee Choon’s Golden Lava Custard Buns is that they aren’t awfully sweet. They don’t inject too much custard into the bun, so your dining experience won’t turn embarrassingly messy.

4. Shrimp Dumplings (Har Gao) - S$2.40

One of my favourites is the Har Gao. These shrimp dumplings are slightly more expensive than average, but they are worth every single cent. However, you can infer from the droplets formed on the plate that they have been out of the steamer for a rather long time. They were already slightly cold upon arrival.

5. Barbequed pork-filled bun (Cha Shao Bao) - S$2.00

This reminds me of a quick bite during recess in primary school. The outer covering is fresh and soft (not moist), and I love Swee Choon’s baos because they aren’t soggy. The pork fillings are fresh, sweet and fragrant. If you don’t want to order too much, this would make you satisfyingly full.

6. Carrot Cake (Luo Bo Gao) - S$2.00

My brother would highly recommend this to you, though I thought it might be slightly too oily for my liking. However, Swee Choon’s version of this dish gets full marks for authenticity, as it is crispy on the outer layers and juicy in the inner parts, just the way it should be.

7. Mee Suah Kueh (Mian Xian Gao) - S$2.20

One of the more wonderful snacks is the delicious mee suah cake. It can be shared amongst two to three diners, although I would rather gobble down one whole piece myself. The mee suah wasn’t very thick, but fluffy and well-cooked. This dish provides a unique mouthfeel.

8. Dumpling in Spicy Chilli Oil (Hong you chao shou)- S$4.30

If you want your mouth to turn into a fiery hot oven, this dumpling in spicy chilli oil does the trick. Your tongue will roll in fire and you will immediately turn hot. Best to eat this in the old wing (where there’s aircon to cool you down)

9. Yam Pastry (Yu Jiao) - S$2.00

Yam pastry is what my family always orders without fail. The yam oozes out a fragrance only available to the diner, and tiny peas and carrot cubes can be sighted in the fillings. The crust is made of crispy fried crumbs, adding a crunch to every bite.

10. Drunken Chicken with wine (Yi mi ji) - S$2.50

How does a chicken taste when it’s swimming in alcohol? This is indeed a love-it-or-hate-it dish. My dad is a loyal supporter, though we had to eat most of it to help him avoid getting over the legal blood alcohol level. Pray that they don’t serve you the smelly chicken backside part (which we got). Oh well, good to eat exotic food once in a while.

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