Eat This, Not That. Working Title for your next lunch break

Working Title has recently reopened following renovation works. See, they are always working to serve you better. In fact, Working Title works hard to make your food look good, taste great. They worked so hard, I had to wait for an hour and a half before my slice of pizza was served. Yep, but they redeemed their souls later by giving me an extra slice to make up for the lengthy wait! The cafe is pretty comfortable and spacious, with a blend of industrial-chic minimalism infused with modern-day technology. There is a hidden backyard that leads to the kitchen with a toilet cubicle.

Soup of the Day - S$7.00

 The soup of the day served during my visit was Mushroom Soup. Served with a slice of wholemeal toast, the thick mushroom soup was great-tasting and perfect as a starter. Each spoonful actually made me crave for more.

Ham & Spinach Quiche — S$7.00

Best eaten warm, the quiche melts in your mouth and the flavour sinks gently into your tongue, subtly mesmerizing every tastebud. The crispiness of the crust was an amazing foil to the fluffy beaten eggs, and although the spinach was unsightly, it blended in well as an amalgamation of savoury flavours.

Al Fungi — S$4 (slice) | S$16 (whole)

This was highly recommended on several food-sharing mobile apps, and I thought it tasted quite good. There was no foul odour from the mushrooms and the dry parsley enhanced the flavours of the pizza. However, I felt that the mozzarella cheese on the crust was too thinly layered. It didn't have the 'OOMPH' factor.

Smoked Salmon - S$6 (slice) | S$20 (whole) 

I would highly recommend this to my readers. The Smoked Salmon pizza was topped with generous portions of Smoked salmon, onions, mozzarella & edam cheese, along with a dollop of Greek yoghurt. I am regretting not ordering a whole pizza!

Salted Caramel Drizzle Cake — S$7.50

Skip this. While my friends loved it, I couldn't quite figure out what it really tasted like. I felt like I was merely eating whipped cream. Somehow, my tongue wasn't appreciative of this cake!

Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate — S$7.00

This is a MUST-have! Don't be deceived by the innocent, plain-looking slice. If there are no decorations, it must mean that great flavours are hidden within! Supplied by uglycakeshop (truly ugly isn't it), this cake has the perfect blend of peanut butter and dark chocolate. None of these two flavours overwhelm each other, and that is why it's so great. A new taste is born!

 Apple Pie — S$7.00

Made from blended apple, banana, muesli, fresh milk, Greek yoghurt and cinnamon, this drink compromised on taste for the sake of nutrition. It didn’t taste awful, but weird.

 Chocolate Bananarama — S$7.00

I CANNOT EMPHASIZE HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS! I wish this is served everywhere! Each gulp has numerous flavours layered upon one another - you would first taste banana with fresh milk, then chunky peanut butter, followed by cocoa powder & vanilla! I was surprised these flavours didn't get mixed together, but every ingredient preserved its distinct taste in each mouthful! There isn't any picture of this because my friend ordered it as a takeaway, but I managed to grab a sip or two.

Hot Chocolate — S$5.50

Working Title doesn't serve decaffeinated coffee, so given the late hour, I had to settle for a Hot Chocolate. Surprisingly, it was really good, and they even made a latte art as requested! Ask for low-fat milk if you want a healthier option.

Working Title
48 Arab Street, Singapore 199748
Mon - Thu: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 10:00 am - 12:00 am
Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Tel: +65 9734 4187
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