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Billy Bomber has been around for years. If you want to travel back into history, here's the place where you should go. Every corner of the restaurant is thoughtfully decorated, it felt like I was stepping into the history of Hollywood with those neon lights. If you take away these decorations, would the quality of the food survive on its own?

The menu has never changed over the years. This is because Billy Bomber has really strong offerings, their items is always modern even though it might probably be traditional american food.

Everyone who has ate Billy Bombers before would tell you that the portion is so huge, it is advisable to share between two (for men) or three (for ladies). That's right, their food is for giant eaters. 
To get the best of both worlds, my friend and I ordered the All-time favourite combo meals, inclusive of Combo of Billy's Original (1/2 Rack), and Betty's Red Hot (1/2 Rack). Each half rack consist of only 7 pieces of ribs. In comparison, Tony Roma's offers 8 pieces of ribs for a half-rack.

For S$36.90, this portion is well worth every penny. The carrots and broccoli were lightly steamed, so any nutritionist would tell you that it's a great balance to the luscious ribs. The sauce was sweet, and slightly spicy for the Betty's Red Hot. 

 My preference would definitely be the Billy's Original. It allows me to focus on the texture of the meat and is greatly complementary. Sadly, I can't help but think that the meat wasn't very fresh but tasted frozen as it was too tough and does not melt in your mouth.
 Plating wise, I felt that they shouldn't hide all the items at the bottom of the ribs. Stacking it makes the plate look really plain.

We also ordered a Banana Smoothie (S$7.90) with Malt (+S$1.00). This is probably number two in comparison with Working Title's Bananarama.
Why? It's really sweet, the effects of sugar rush was really daunting for me. However, they are so generous with their portion that there was much leftover in the silver goblet. 

Tips: Whether you're getting the food or drink, always share it between two people. There's a reason why they're called Billy BOMBer, because their food is exploding in size and flavours.

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