3 Amazing Dishes at Canton Paradise

Chinese cuisine is probably one of the hardest to cook skilfully. It involves a lot of technique and skills, hence chefs specializing in it usually go through years of experience before they finally are capable of executing the perfect dish. One of the more niche areas in the culinary world is Hong Kong cuisine, and Canton Paradise specializes in bringing the finest Cantonese fare to the table. The restaurant banner sets the tone by using Chinese characters with a modern typeface, a bold move away from the traditional calligraphy. The layout of the restaurant gives one an impression of stepping into a former British colony— grey brick walls, dark tables and chairs and dimmed yellow lights. 

More importantly, diners like you may wonder what would make a wholesome meal with the limited space in our bellies. Here are 3 Amazing dishes at Canton Paradise that you should try.

Crispy Prawn and Mango Salad Fritters - S$5.20

canton paradise baked dim sum
The flavours in this dish are extremely well-balanced. The richness, saltiness and sweetness burst forth into your mouth all at once. The texture is really great — crispy on the outside and juicy within. More importantly, the pastry holds all of the heavy fillings together.

Canton Paradise's Crispy Prawn and Mango Salad Fritters
The fillings are light and airy. This dish requires great skill to prepare from scratch, and a marvellous technique to evenly deep-fry it. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wishes to try a unique amalgamation of sweet and savoury sensations!

Fried Rice with Egg - S$6.80

yang zhou yang chou fried rice singapore
 Delicately flavoured, this mainstay of Chinese cuisine is definitely a healthier version that reminds me of home-cooked food. Several netizens have lamented that Canton's Fried Rice doesn't measure up to the fried rice dished out at typical Zi Char stores. However, I think this dish is truly special in its own way as it is not too oily, and each grain is puffy without turning mushy.

Crispy Bacon Rolls with Cheese - S$4.80

Visually, the Crispy Bacon Rolls with Cheese were not too appealing. I thought they looked ugly and misshapen. Looks aside however, they were sinfully delicious.

There seemed to be a lot more than just bacon and cheese in these little rolls. The flavour was really intense in a great way. It must have been a challenge for the chef to put the bacon and all those fillings together and make them stick. This savoury dish is definitely for you if you have calories to spare, and I guess the decadently fattening properties of this dish is the reason they made the pieces relatively small.

You get an overall view of what's going on in the kitchen as you dine. I love the meticulous attention to fine details, as well as the buzz that consistently emanates from the kitchen. The next time you're looking for Hong Kong cuisine, be sure to check out Canton Paradise!

Canton Paradise, The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
#B1-45/46, The Star Vista
Singapore 138617
Tel: 6694 2915
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