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Woohoo! I got to enjoy a magnificent view of Singapore with my beloved with delicious 1-for-1 food offerings at the Kinki Rooftop Bar. We even got to watch the fireworks in our cozy seats on a Saturday night (because of the National Day parade rehearsals)! How did we get such a good deal? I'm here to introduce the AMAZING Entertainer App, and I'm pretty sure by the time you reach the end of the post, you'd want to get it. Readers of littletinysun gets an exclusive 20% discount, read on to find out more.
The Entertainer has more than 10,000 merchant partners, including Restaurants & Bars, Leisure, Body, Kids, Services AND Travel. So far, I've only been using the Restaurants & Bars because GPS allows me to search for places nearby that offers 1-for-1 main items. 

For the month of July, The Entertainer members are entitled to unlimited 1-for-1 Belvedere cocktails when a voucher for a main menu item is used in Kinki Restaurant + Bar.

The cocktails include this fantastic blood orange cocktail mix with just enough Belvedere vodka.
Belvedere Sunkiss (Left) and Belvedere Citrus Summer (Right)
The Belvedere Citrus Summer is refreshing but has a strong lemon and lime taste. Honestly, I prefer the Sunkiss but my partner loved the Citrus summer. 

It was so easy to drink this that I ended up drinking five glasses before feeling floaty.

Since you have got unlimited belvedere cocktail and 1-for-1 main food items with the Entertainer App, I suppose you can try all of the Belvedere cocktails!

The guy in the foreground isn't the only one smiling toothily at the rainbow plate of spicy mayo salmon. I never had such a fantastic offerings of canapé in my life! The freshness in each bite, accompanied by the slightly spicy taste, was indeed an innovative recipe did up by the chefs.

The crew's service was fantastic as well, making sure that they attended to every need. However, the delivery of the food got quite slow then it was about 8pm. You may want to avoid that hour to eat, but wait for the pyrotechnic display of fireworks against the backdrop of Marina Bay Sands!

I was never a fan of cherry tomatoes, but of course, this baked vine cherry tomato tartlets is very different indeed. The chefs made the tomatoes taste like an explosion in your mouth, there were so many contrasting flavours singing in unison till it becomes complementary. Didn't really like the burst of flavours, but I loved the aftertaste.
The sous vide marinated scallops wrapped with fresh ohba is definitely a must-try. Lined with unagi sauce, every chew was extremely flavoursome. Here's a tip for you: It tastes best when you gobble all of it down at once!

Watching fireworks at Kinki with my beloved at the comfort of Kinki's seats!

So far, I've been using The Entertainer almost for my every meal! You can also use the App on weekdays too. If you have someone you always dine with, this is a great App for you to purchase (U.P S$19) as you save MORE than you actually spent on your food. My readers have the privilege to download it for S$15 (Offer valid till 31 July)! You can start using the App for 1-month from the downloaded date (e.g: If you downloaded it on 31 July, you can use it up to 31 August). 

To purchase the Entertainer Singapore One Month Membership for just S$15 please visit - - and be sure to enter my unique promo code "littletinysun" when you purchase.

After your one month membership, you can choose to upgrade to the full product for a further SGD80, allowing you to keep redeeming your offers until 30th Dec 2014. Mine is till 30th Dec, it's really a fantastic App, why not try it for yourself for just 1-month? :)

Kinki Restaurant + Bar
70 Collyer Quay #02-02
Customs House, Singapore 049323
T: +65 6533 3471
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