8 Days Gourmet Food Trail

Hi guys! How have you been doing? Sorry for the long hiatus as I was overseas for 3 weeks! This may be a long overdue post, but I always believe that blog posts are timeless. Weeks ago, 8 DAYS Eat app users were treated to a tummy-bursting afternoon when they went on a food hop across the Raffles City eateries. Thanks to 8 Days, I had the privilege to join the event with a +1. We were separated into four groups, and took turns to try the food from different participating eateries in Raffles City.

It was an honour to meet my favourite food bloggers, Leslie Tay (ieatishootipost) and Brad Lau ( Ladyironchef ) and picked up food photography tips. Class95 DJ Yasminne was also a host for the event.

Brad (LadyIronChef) explaining the reason behind his web domain name to Yasmin
Leslie Tay (ieatishootipost) introducing food photography tips to the audience
Snapping a quick photo with Dr Leslie Tay
8 Days Eat App users were given a booklet to complete before getting a goodie bag filled with many vouchers and a box of Nescafe Gusto capsules! All of the food tasting and goodie bags are proudly sponsored by NESCAFE.

We got to try four different eateries in three hours, and that was more than enough to make us full. We had to takeaway the food when it came to the fourth stop because our pants were almost bursting, haha!

Hastily filling up the brochure as we eat, take pictures, instagram and review the food all at once!

A really funny host named Melvyn (or Melvin) introduced the Nescafe barista, who showed us how we can make desserts such as Tiramisu with the Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine. My family has one but we only use it to make drinks (and I really love the convenience and taste), so making desserts with the machine exhibits how powerful Nescafe is!

It was an afternoon well-spent with the other users and I'm thankful to 8 Days for this wonderful opportunity to join the Gourmet Food Trail. I would prefer more time at each outlet though, nevertheless, I'm sure it was a smashing good time for all of us!

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  1. This is an excellent venue with really large area filled with fun atmosphere. I came for events NYC here yet it still feels like an intimate space to be.