Chiso Zanmai All-you-can-eat Japanese Buffet

This month, Chiso Zanmai rolled out new menu items such as Tonkatsu Sushi Roll, Kawara-Style Chasoba, Chicken & Vegetable in Sweet Black Vinegar. Their special highlight goes to their tender and juicy slide-off-the-bone 和風スペアリブ (Japanese Spare Ribs) that is only available for Dinner buffets. More importantly, their popular free hotpot promotion continues.

Chiso Zanmai DIY Hotpot
If you haven't heard of Chiso Zanmai before, you're probably not a fan of Japanese food. Hailing from Osaka, Chiso Zanmai had its first outlet out of Japan in Singapore. The buffet is offered at really affordable prices. *Reservations are advised or you may risk queuing for hours. 

Chiso Zanmai Japanese buffet review
An all-you-can-eat buffet with more than 100 selections available
There is no need to turn on your 'kiasu' radar when it comes to putting food on your plate. Chiso Zanmai usually ensures their food do not run out, and popular food such as salmon sashimi has more than five trays over the counter. I was rather disappointed with their salmon sashimi because they do not have consistent slices — some sashimi was too thick while others were too thin!

Chiso Zanmai review singapore food
There is also a slight hint of western influence over some of the offerings, such as spaghetti in tomato sauce. The sushi are fresh, and you'll definitely be spoilt for choice.

Chiso Zanmai Vegetables Corner

vegetables corner in chinzo zanmai clarke quay
Vegetables for you to cook in the hot pot

You can easily spot the 'Vegetables Corner' section, and sadly, they are not for salad purposes. Your dining partners and you could take turns throwing the vegetables into the hot pot. Sounds like a reunion dinner, eh?

Chiso Zanmai Grilled Section

chiso zanmai menu
Yakitori and other seafood and meat dishes are also common in the grilled sections.

Chiso Zanmai Sushi Section

chiso zanmai menu sushi
Sushi appears to be one of the popular choices, but instead of taking several at a time, it is advised that you take only one or two to avoid wastage. 

sushi chiso zanmai
Egg Tamago Sushi

Chiso Zanmai Fruits/Dessert Section

fruits chiso zanmai
Oranges, Watermelon and Honeydew

There isn't a wide variety of cut fruits available during lunch time. We spotted more types of desserts available in the section —creme brûlée, Mochi balls, ice-cream, and several types of cakes.

mochi dessert sweets chiso zanmai

Tips to take note of:
1. You can select two types of soup. The entire jug is available for your table, so you can simply grab them from the DIY hotpot section.
2. Grab those window seats if you want a great view of the river!
3. The chawanmushi is hidden in one corner. Feel free to let the kitchen crew know if anything that you want is unavailable.
4. Try the udon, it is delicious!

Buffet Pricing (As of August 2014)
Weekday Lunch (Mon-Fri) $14.99++
Weekday Dinner (Sun-Thu) $24.99++
Weekend Lunch (Sat-Sun, PH) $19.99++
Weekend Dinner (Fri-Sat, PH Eve) $29.99++
Child* Lunch (Daily) $9.99++
Child* Dinner (Daily) $14.99++
Seniors (Daily) $2 off regular price

Free flow drinks (Daily) $1.99++ per pax

* Child = below 1.2m in height
* Children below the age of 3 dines for free!

Chiso Zanmai
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #02-17,
The Central, Singapore 151897

Chiso Zanmai All-you-can-eat Japanese Buffet Chiso Zanmai All-you-can-eat Japanese Buffet Reviewed by Littletinysun on 6:20:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. I am a fan of Japanese food and I have already visited Chiso Zanmai in Singapore. I like their food taste and services. They provide the best taste ever. Last month after my hawaii day tours. I visited Singapore and visited to this restaurant. I was very happy to eat their food. I wish I’ll be there soon.

  2. nice pics! thx for sharing

  3. We were here with the family hoping to enjoy a new year's day japanese buffet but we were terribly disappointed. The shellfish and prawns were rotting and the spread very low quality and limited. We will never go back again.

    1. Hi Beng Seng! Thanks for sharing your review, but I didn't spot any shellfish and prawns at the time where I went. Perhaps they have tweaked their menu this year? You may feedback with the management on their Facebook page of your experience :)

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