12 Reasons why Singaporeans would love a STAYCATION at Lloyd's Inn

There is something mystical about Lloyd's Inn for you to discover yourself — it isn't just a place for a short getaway, the entire concept seems to refresh the weary soul, seeing how tranquil it is. If you're looking for a place where you can chill and relax (chillax ;D), you'd probably look no further. Lloyd's Inn recently reopened its doors in June with a completely brand new concept — minimalist, chic and fresh.
Credits: Lloyd's Inn
I had the privilege of enjoying a night's stay with them, and I am convinced that you too will be intrigued by the experience they offer. Here are 12 Reasons why Singaporeans would love a STAYCATION at Lloyd's Inn:

1. A warm and sincere reception

Joy is indeed infectious! The cheerful receptionists never fail to greet you warmly and wholeheartedly. The front desk is open 24 hours to advise you on nearby shopping and dining options. You may also obtain complimentary mosquito coils (though you most likely won't need to) from them.

2. A stone's throw away from Orchard Road

Navigating the streets around Lloyd's is a breeze! They even have a huge map to show you how to get to Singapore's most famous shopping paradise. It's a shopping haven for you!

3. Eight types of rooms for you to choose from

Credits: Lloyd's Inn
With numerous permutations of space, nature, light, texture and comfort, Lloyd's Inn recognises the unique preferences of each individual traveller. I was offered The Business room, and I must confess it was exactly what I needed. The lofty ceiling, matching colours and outdoor shower and toilet were thoughtful details that super-exceeded my expectations. Bathrobes, mugs, complimentary coffee and tea and DR WHO water were also provided.
I also loved how they separate the work area from the bedroom. It's great for people like me to stay focused when getting down to business!

4. Experience idyllic yet bustling city-living

For a simple retreat, the room offered the best of both worlds. I could easily choose to have a lazy, snoozy day or roll up my sleeves and get to work, enjoying a spacious and comfortable environment either way. 

5. Find all the basic stationery you would need for work

Their thoughtfulness in providing a range of stationery truly astounded me. I was busy rummaging through my bag in search of a pen and stapler when I found this handy toolbox of accessories. 

6. Ironing board and safe deposit box

You might be surprised at how few hotels provide an ironing board. Lloyd's Inn has an ironing board AND a personal safe in every room. For larger items, you may deposit them at the front desk at no extra charge.

7. Bathe amidst the rhythms and sounds of nature

The outdoor shower was one of the highlights of my staycation. Half of the bathroom is bathed in natural lighting, and you can bask in a gamut of natural chirps, squeaks and chatters! It truly was a great way to de-stress as science has proven that the well-being of humans improves when they are close to nature.

8. Enjoy the open-concept rain shower

Instead of an instant water heater, Lloyd's Inn uses an external water tank that heats the water outside the room. There is a see-through glass panel for you to watch TV as you rejuvenate your soul under the rain shower, or you may draw the attached curtains for added privacy.

I'm usually reluctant to use the toiletries provided by hotels, but Lloyd's Inn has one of the most gentle bathing soaps and shower gels. They also provide basic toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, cotton pads, shower caps, sanitary bags and a comb.

9. No more insomnia — only excellent quality of sleep

I really loved the fact that the bedroom is located on an elevated loft area. The high ceiling allows you to zone out easily, and you will fall into a deep sleep in no time. I usually take a few hours to fall asleep because my mind would be bustling with many thoughts, but not in such a soothing environment! Don't miss the pull-out drawers under the bed, they come in quite handy in organising your belongings!

10. Enjoy viewing smart TV with awesome cable programmes

There are two smart TVs in the room — one in the living room and another in the bedroom. A keyboard is also provided for use with the TV, and both local free-to-air programmes and cable programmes are available.

11. Enjoy a dip in the pool, or sunbathe at the Garden Deck
Nothing is more relaxing than swinging in the comfortable egg chairs or soaking up some tropical sun on the lounges. For the more heat-averse guests, a powerful fan is available.

Savour a cool, refreshing dip against a backdrop of tropical foliage! Although the pool isn't deep enough for serious swimming, it is a perfect setting for a cold drink and some hearty mingling with fellow guests.

12. Enjoy breakfast at the Roof Terrace

Lloyd's Inn does not provide in-house breakfast but instead issues food vouchers redeemable at the nearby Killiney Kopitiam. For a heartier breakfast, guests have the option of topping up S$7.00 to enjoy scrumptious brunch options from Freshly Baked, also a short distance from the Inn. Complimentary free flow of drinks is available at the Roof Terrace to accompany your freshly-bought breakfast.

Lloyd's Inn
2 Lloyd Road Singapore 239091
Tel : +65 6737 7309

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