An evening with SYNC Korean Tapas Bar: FIRST Korean Tapas Bar in town

What happens when an interior designer immerses himself in the F&B scene? A dynamic fusion concept bursts forth from his creative mind! Riding on the Korean wave, Brian and his wife set their eyes on the Serangoon Gardens neighbourhood — a quaint and cosy suburban enclave. The exclusivity of SYNC Korean Tapas Bar lies in the fact that it is the first and only Korean tapas concept in town! They have brought Consultant Chef Edwin Lau and Head Chef Calista Ong on board — both of them have extensive experience and interest in utopian cuisine. At SYNC's media tasting event, I had the opportunity to experience first-hand their unique gastronomy, and was duly impressed and charmed. Read till the end to find out about their ongoing promotion!

sync korean tapas bar

A bar isn't a bar when there is no alcohol. Start your meal with a shot of refreshing Soju Mojito.

Soju Mojito - S$9.90 

soju singapore
Cocktail: Soju Mojito (Soju with mint leaves) 

There is great balance overall in the drink, and it is light and sweet. Honestly, it's really difficult for the untrained hand to make a Mojito. I tried making one previously and failed terribly at it. This one is refreshingly invigorating, and glides down the throat easily.

Kimchi - S$9.90

best Assorted homemade kimchi & pickles
Assorted homemade kimchi & pickles
The knife work of the chefs is extremely precise and neat. Sometimes I feel that the kimchi in Korean restaurants are served out of a can, yet this tastes like it was made in-house. Warning: this kimchi takes the spice level up quite a few notches! I would recommend that you order this dish when dining with close friends and family, as the large strips are really difficult to slice into pieces, making it difficult to share amongst bigger groups.

Sogogi Jowl - S$10.90 

I was impressed by the steady and consistent piping of the hoba & garlic confit demonstrated by the chefs!
beef tapas singapore sync korean tapas bar
Char-grilled beef jowl with hoba & garlic confit
The Sogogi Jowl is presented aesthetically on a wooden board. The chefs keep this simplistic as it only features a slice of beef jowl on a sesame leaf, with a tiny dollop of the garlic-based dressing. They nailed it with the flavours - the tender, smoky beef cheeks needed minimal garnishing and sauces. I would say this is truly drool-worthy.

sync korean tapas bar

Dak-Kangjung - S$9.90

sync korean tapas bar Deep-fried sweet & spicy chicken bites, ricotta chili tempura
Deep-fried sweet & spicy chicken bites, ricotta chili tempura
Look out for this interesting combination of deep-fried chicken bites with a fusion of Japanese cuisine as garnishing. My first bite of this reminded me of the ubiquitous sweet and sour pork chunks (gū lū yòk in Cantonese) sold at many zichar stalls. These chicken chunks, however, are certainly a step up from that in terms of taste, and especially texture. They are optimally tender yet firm, retaining a bouncy, chewy, almost al-dente consistency.

Mandu - S$9.90

Crispy minced pork & mushroom dumpling, salsa
 Crispy minced pork & mushroom dumpling, salsa

Does this remind you of those deep-fried moneybags found in school canteens all over Singapore? These are similar -- except that they are tastier, packed with more premium ingredients and shaped like the ancient golden Chinese tael. Shiitake mushrooms are my favourite - so I'm definitely in favour of you ordering this dish. The Mandu was also a hot favourite with the other guests, and my partner who isn't particularly fond of mushrooms thought it was pretty delicious too.

The open concept kitchen made me feel as though the adrenaline-fuelled drama in MasterChef was being acted out in front of me. Witnessing the perpetual kitchen bustle and the dishes being whipped up briskly and efficiently sent my heart (and stomach) into palpitations. The chefs would taste some of the dishes before sending them out, and I saw them discarding some portions when they didn't match up to their high standards of quality.

sync korean tapas bar chef

Samgyupsal - S$10.90

sync korean tapas bar food review
Char-grilled pork belly with scallion salad & chili yuzu dressing
I would say this was the least outstanding dish of the evening- the salad only had a slight citrusy taste and was overwhelming spicy. In addition, the savoury meat did not go very well with the greens. I think the choice of leaves was overlooked, and the juiciness and stronger flavours of the pork belly masked the freshness of the greens.

Crackling - S$9.90

Unami Cod Chips
Crackling of umami cod chips

These chips seemed to take up a lot of preparation time. I'm surprised by the fact that they stayed crispy for such a long time! I think this dish could probably make it big if sold in supermarkets as a take-home TV snack! Tip: A MAC'S Great White New Zealand beer paired with these crispy, crackly, savoury cod chips is a match made in heaven!

Beer with chips!

 Dak Gar-Bi - S$38.90

Dak Gar-Bi - S$38.90 sync korean fusion bistro
Spicy chicken paella with onions, mushroom, cabbage, sausage, kimchi

Served straight from the pan, this chicken-kimchi paella is my personal favourite! Apart from the spicy kimchi notes, there was a distinct citrus aroma wafting from the pan. The dish was evenly cooked, with no burnt rice at the edges. This is ideal for sharing among two to three.

Hotteok - S$8.90

sync korean

Are you a die-hard fan of all things sticky and sugary? This dessert features torched bananas along with sweet hazelnut-filled pancakes. A serving of dangerously sweet concentrated banana syrup accompanies it. I would give this a verdict of MAXIMUM sweetness. Try at your own risk!

kitchen singapore

Misugaru - S$8.90 

sync korean tapas bar lava cake
Misugaru lava cake, vanilla ice cream, strawberries & lime compote

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro has made waves with its Matcha Green Tea lava cake, and I must say this Misugaru lava cake definitely deserves high praise as well. Misugaru is a traditional Korean grain powder made up of seven to ten different types of grains. This cake perfectly balances the contrasting savoury and sweet flavours, and has a tinge of sourness from the lime compote. Click PLAY on the video below to see how lusciously and tantalisingly the lava oozes from the dome-shaped cake!

Here are some promotions you might be interested in:

3pm to 6pm, Daily (starting 3 Nov to end Dec)      
·    FREE coffee/tea with any order of dessert
·    $5.90 beer
·    $9.90 beer + Tapas of the day
3pm onwards, only on Weekends (starting 8 Nov)
Family Set Meal at $63.90 with 4 Tapas and
1 Paella/Budae Jigae (U.P. $72.80)

Sync Korean Tapas Bar
12 Maju Avenue, Serangoon Garden Estate
Tel: +65 6282 0612

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  2. Great sharing, all the food look absolutely inviting! I'll remember Sync, hopefully visiting soon;).