LPG EndermoSpa Official launch in Singapore!

Present in more than 110 countries, LPG EndermoSpa is a leader in cellular stimulation with Cellu M6, an exclusive 100 % natural slimming and anti-aging technology. LPG EndermoSpa practitioners undergo haute-couture training to provide the best possible care for your skin, body, hair, nails, face, etc. I was invited to the official opening ceremony of the first LPG EndermoSpa in Singapore, and had the chance to get up close with...
Wendy Chia (Mary Chia's Daughter) and Valentin Gitto, COO Asia at LPG EndermoSpa

Mary Chia Holdings has announced this exclusive licensed partnership with LPG Endermospa in Singapore. I've learned SO MANY new scientific terms and ways to beautify oneself — and I'm convinced we've been doing it wrongly all this while *makes a horrified face*. I'll try my best to simplify the entire experience, so let's take a walk through the official launch event!

LPG EndermoSpa 
Celebrate the opening of Singapore's first LPG EndermoSpa from France - a world leader with over 28 years of experience in cellular stimulation with its exclusive 100% natural and non-invasive slimming and anti-aging technology. 

From left to right: 98.7FM DJ Sonia Chew , Gold 90.5FM DJ Lynette Tan, 93.3 FM DJ Cai Wei Bin, Valentin Gitto (COO), Mary Chia and her daughter Wendy
We also had tapas from Sakura at the event. I must say the food was pretty impressive — the bite-sized portions were just right for the networking event!

SAKURA Catering
Tapas from Sakura
SAKURA Catering singapore salmon sushi
Salmon Sushi 
After the light bites, we were invited to take a tour around LPG EndermoSpa — and I was pretty much impressed with their products and services. The results demonstrated were really impressive!

endermoSpa bed room review singapore

How is this LPG treatment DIFFERENT from the rest? If you've tried facial/body treatments before, you'd have noticed that most of them use light technology or heat technology together with rotational mechanisms to break your fats down. I'm sure you'd have long suspected such technology is harmful to our skin over time — the 'special light' destroys beneficial cells at the same time.

EndermoSpa Beauty Review Singapore
Comfortable cushion bedding to help you relax while you are being transformed!
EndermoSpa beauty review
A model experiences LPG draining treatment (light legs)
LPG's groundbreaking technology was discovered by accident (indeed, a blessing in disguise). It's really safe and mild — you can use it anywhere (even around the sensitive eyelid area).

Singapore slimming beauty review
LPG EndermoSpa's technology can be used on the thighs as well
Founder Louis-Paul Guitay met with a car accident and this left him in need of physical therapy. We all know manual massages can be somewhat inconsistent (that's why we make special requests for a specific masseur whenever we find the 'right one'). 

Singapore best slimming beauty review safe

Hence, Mr Guitay created machines that mimic the hands of professional therapists! The RESULTS? Regular use of these machines strengthened his connective tissues and skin. His doctors also observed a reduction in cellulite, and his skin became tauter! Because this technology is so special, it has been patented it as a LPG technology.

best face lift singapore
LPG EndermoLift Treatments

Can you tell that the right side of her face is much more taut and lifted than her left side? This Ergolift treatment head (patented by LPG in 2013) uses two-dimensional stimulation (vertical & horizontal). This sends a wave through the tissue and gently stimulates the skin!

cell stimulation singapore

cell stimulation singapore
It's even more obvious in real-life — when she smiled, the part of her face on which the LPG machine was used was visibly firmer! Seeing is believing, and I went to check out their reviews and ratings (on Facebook) in other countries. Wow, all of them received 4.0 to 5.0 stars!

LPG before and after

LPG before and after

LPG endermospa before and after

LPG endermospa before and after

If you're interested, check out these LPG EndermoSpa packages and a la carte prices :)

LPG EndermoSpa Body Treatments LipoMassage

LPG EndermoSpa price menu singapore

LPG Endermospa price singapore

LPG EndermoSpa Face Treatment™ Prices

LPG Endermospa face treatment prices

LPG Endermospa face treatment prices
Treatment Packages and Prices

I haven't booked a treatment with LPG EndermoSpa yet, but I'll do a full review once I've managed to! Really looking forward to it!

face treatment for wrinkles
Me and my love at the LPG EndermoSpa event
Do check back for my personal experience at LPG EndermoSpa! :)

LPG EndermoSpa
Ngee Ann City
#05-22A, Tower B
391 Orchard Road
Singapore 238873
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