9 must-tries at Pie Face (First in Singapore, First in Asia)

Want to tell your bosses how you really feel but don't know how? Give them a hint with
Pie Face. This popular international chain made its Singapore debut as a takeaway kiosk at 313@somerset last month, and recently opened its 1,400 sq ft flagship bistro at Bugis Village, a stone's throw away from Bugis Street! Hailing from Sydney, Pie Face has been selling up to 100,000 pies per week in Australia.

In preparation for Pie Face's opening in Singapore, Executive Chef Francois Galand recently flew in to train staff in the central kitchen. Be prepared to immerse yourself in hunger-arousing snapshots and mouthwatering descriptions. First, let's take a tour around the bistro!

Pie Face Bugis Storefront

Pie Face is airy and roomy (a rarity in the cramped shopping areas and cafés in downtown Singapore). The ample space makes it a great hangout for patrons to hold casual corporate gatherings or even large parties, especially with the café's warm and cozy ambience!
Pie Face Interior decoration singapore brick wall
Casual seating area for hearty conversations over equally hearty pies.
Couldn't help but notice the red brick walls' subtle hint at the baking culture... did you know bricks go through a baking process too? A wallpaper of emotions is indeed a great way to spruce up the atmosphere, and hopefully banish the image of 'Emotionless Singaporeans'.

Pie Face Singapore expression label
Pie Face has so many expressions — which one reflects yours?
Off the wall and onto your plate, Pie Face recreates these expressions using milk and caramel drizzles on a puff pastry top with a shortcrust base. Mini-versions of each flavour are available at S$3.00 each.

* denotes my personal favourites

 1. Creamy Vegetable Pie — S$3.00

Cut through Creamy Vegetable Pie gif tumblr
Mini Creamy Vegetable Pie
This is when deft surgical skills come in handy! It is a real challenge to make a clean cut in each pie as they are bursting at the brim with ingredients. As the kitchen team folds in a special blend of rich, creamy butter in each pie to create 48 layers of pastry, you'd probably feel better choosing a healthier filling - like vegetables.

inside the creamy vegetable pie with potato cubes and capsicum slices
Bursting with creamy fillings
A peek inside: freshly-chopped carrots, potato cubes, capsicum slices and mixed herbs in a creamy white sauce. It was explosively and wonderfully satisfying!

2. Chunky Steak Pie* — S$5.20

How to cut a pie
Slicing into the ":S" face
Everyone at the table declared this their top favourite — including the franchise owner himself! Pie Face's signature contains large chunks of 100% Australian beef braised with onions, garlic and gravy. We were strongly recommended to have this with ketchup, as it somehow brings out a richer dimension of flavours!
inner view of a pie chunky steak pie
Slather some ketchup over your Chunky Steak Pie for a richer experience!

3. Chicken Peppercorn Pie* — S$4.90

inner parts of chicken peppercorn pie

Exclusive to Singapore, this is another addition to my favourites list! Thick, creamy and strong flavours best describe the peppery chicken within. I love the flaky crunch of the crust — it signals the undisputed freshness of the pastry.

4. Thai Chicken Curry Pie — S$4.90

Thai Chicken Curry Pie with tender chicken meat
This Asian-inspired offering brings together tender chicken meat prepared with carrots, onions, garlic and coconut milk. Mildly spicy, this pie is a safe choice for the less adventurous, despite its intimidatingly fiery name.

5. The Stack — S$2.00

mash, gravy, mushy peas in pie face
Mash, gravy and mushy peas sitting pretty atop your choice of pie

If you have calories to spare, check out this oozy, tantalising, distinctly British savoury combination. For an additional $2, you can top your pie with this trio of mashed potatoes, gravy and peas! I would recommend sharing this between two people because it's humongous!

6. Chicken + Cheese Sausage Roll

chicken cheese sausage roll
Glossy Chicken Cheese Sausage Roll
For a thoroughly rich and satisfying dining experience, you must try the chicken cheese sausage roll. However, I felt intimidated by its excessively glossy appearance... how much shimmery butter did they add?!

sliced hotdog bun
A peek into the Chicken + Cheese Sausage Roll
Although there does not appear to be much cheese nestled in the sausage, the cheesy flavours are quite prominent. Looking at this photo makes me want to devour it again! So sinful, but so tasty.

7. Chicken Sausage Roll

chicken sausage roll picture

A similar but less decadent choice would be the Chicken Sausage Roll. Grilled and lightly caramelised, this has a unique combination of sweet and salty flavours. What differentiates this from your usual sausage roll is the flakiness of the crust — it's somewhat croissant-like yet slightly more doughy.

Training barista pie face
Trainer Barista at the Bugis Village outlet
"I'm a trainer who teaches people how to make coffee," declared this cheery young man. He joined to make baristas out of people, and it seemed to me he really loves his job!

8. Café Latte — $4 and up

dark chocolate roasted walnut coffee
Coffee connoisseurs would be able to recognise the dark chocolate and roasted walnut tones in this coffee. The Dark Roast grants the coffee a full body and lingering finish. The initial bitter-sweetness gradually gives way to a rich caramel sensation on your tongue!

9. Christmas Special

christmas promo singapore
Created as a festive drink, this ice blended coffee infused with apple shots really heightens that good ol' Christmas vibe! As it is blended really smoothly, you do not have to hack into those pesky icy chunks present in lesser ice-blended drinks. The mildly sweet flavours from the apple shots exude a lovely fragrance that enhances the coffee aroma.

The service here is exemplary — warm, welcoming and personal. The Bugis Village outlet provides a homely refuge, infused with the aroma of freshly-baked pies, from the maddeningly-crowded Bugis Street. If you're looking for a sincere, hearty and unpretentious dining experience, you should give Pie Face a try!

Pie Face Chef Francois Galland
Chef Francois and his pies!
245 Victoria Street, Bugis Village, 
Singapore 188034.
T/F: +65 9638 6318
Hours:11am - 11pm daily

#B3-10, 313 Orchard Road,
Singapore 238895.
T/F: +65 9622 5662
Hours:10am - 10pm daily

9 must-tries at Pie Face (First in Singapore, First in Asia) 9 must-tries at Pie Face (First in Singapore, First in Asia) Reviewed by Littletinysun on 4:42:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. That pie GIF made me drool. I want a pie face too!

    1. Teehee! I'd definitely buy one-on-the-go when I'm nearby their bugis village or 313 outlet. Haven't tried their 313 outlet yet!

  2. wow so cool! haha pie face! but a bit cruel also to cut them in the face! haha dunno when will they come to malaysia! haha

    Eat All You Can Here!!

    1. Haha! Do you know that the franchisees are from Malaysia? I'm sure they'll open outlets over there SOON :)

    2. hey! they are open now in PUBLIKA ! go and grab yours! :D

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