GRUB Noodle Bar Review

Hey lovelies! Hope you've had a great 2015 so far~ I've recently been to GRUB Noodle Bar and was really surprised at how they could turn mundane local favourites into something so exquisite. It's really difficult to describe the flavours, but I would sincerely persuade you to try out their items. No, this isn't a media tasting session and I have no personal connections with the folks behind this place — it truly is one of the hidden finds that ALL Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans must visit, because...
GRUB Noodle Bar Singapore Review
GRUB Noodle Bar is really focused on bringing GREAT-tasting food to you! I really applaud their high hygiene standards (rarely do I see chefs these days donning headgear or using gloves when handling food)... something we should really appreciate. Here's a food guide for you to consider:

Grilled Sea Prawn Noodles — S$15.00

GRUB Noodle Bar food Review
This bowl of noodles is an off-menu seasonal special, and I was thankful the wait staff shared this new creation with me. However, seeing the prawns with heads and shells intact has NEVER been my thing!
GRUB Noodle Bar food Review
Grilled Sea Prawn Noodles
My my, the prawns indeed made the noodles SO WHOLESOME! They were fresh to the core — so succulent and juicy... any fresher, you'd have to eat them raw. I really enjoyed taking in the fragrant grilled aroma too. Do ask the wait staff if this miracle bowl is still available— you won't be disappointed.

Pork Noodles — S$13.00

GRUB Noodle Bar Pork Noodles
Pork Noodles with chorizo
The roast pork came in such THICK cuts, each bite was amazingly chewy and chunky. As for the chorizo bacon, you either love it or hate it. I usually belong to the latter category — but trying a tiny bite of this gave me second thoughts. I felt like I was munching on some chewy streaky bacon. Mmmm... Still, this wasn't as good as the Grilled Sea Prawn Noodles,

Beef Noodles with Rump — S$15.00

GRUB Noodle Bar Beef Noodles with Rump
Pasture-fed Beef Rump

This should be your top pick if it happens to be a gloomy, drizzly day. The bowl of beef soup is really heartwarming — the rump was meaty and flavourful yet tender. Did you know the rump is a cut near the leg area and, for the health-conscious, contains relatively little fat ? However, I couldn't help feeling more thirsty than usual after gobbling down the entire bowl of soup (and more).

100% Beef Balls with Noodles — S$13.00GRUB Noodle Bar Beef Noodles

The beef balls here are made from 100% beef — as opposed to 'fake beef balls' packed with flour and other fillers. The noodles used here are of a different variety from the rest, and they got soggy after a while. This would taste great if you finish it before it turns soggy!

Stewart's Root Beer — S$5.00

Stewart's Root Beer Singapore
Stewart's Root Beer is one of the best in the world, and you can hardly find this brand in Singapore. Originating in the United States, this was first introduced in 1924. It had a slight honey aftertaste and wasn't overwhelmingly sweet. The fizziness was pretty mild as well.

Additional Beef Soup — S$2.00

Beef Soup Singapore
There's no denying it — the broth at GRUB Noodle Bar tastes really delicious! We ordered additional beef soup for S$2.00 but the portion was really small (less than half a bowl).


How did this Malaccan special sauce find its way to GRUB? Well, it goes really well with any bowl of noodles. Here's a word of caution: don't dump the entire portion into your bowl unless you can stomach really fiery food.

GRUB Noodle Bar Singapore

The staff were really friendly. We took quite a while to decide what to eat but they were really patient with us. Another plus: the toilets and wash basins were really clean! However, the chairs are not very comfortable and thus not conducive to prolonged sitting.

If you're planning on visiting, here are some tips:
1. Sit near the kitchen area to catch the wait staff's attention more easily. It's not warm in that area due to the air-conditioning.
2. Water is complimentary at the eatery.
3. GRUB Noodle Bar is tucked away pretty well along Rangoon Road. Even if you're driving, do bring along an umbrella as there are no sheltered paths at all.

GRUB Noodle Bar Singapore
The interior of GRUB Noodle Bar
Prices are subject to 10% service charge and prevailing GST.

GRUB Noodle Bar
221 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218459
Tel: +65 6341 5631

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