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Unlike many other beauty salons in Singapore, Masego is located in a clubhouse and has a relatively large space to call its own. I had the privilege of enjoying a 60-minute Sand Bath Therapy session with them, and decided to visit right after work. Is it common to have body aches from sitting in front of the computer for long hours? I was hoping the Sand Bath Therapy would relieve my aches and improve my overall well-being.

Masego Singapore Entrance and review
Entrance to Masego Spa
All the therapists at Masego are female, even though they serve both male and female customers. They have strong brand values, and I really appreciate that they don't hard-sell you. I know this because my mum has been enjoying her massage treatments at Masego for about two years now. She used to suffer from frozen shoulders, but due to the excellent Masego therapists, her condition is now fully cured!

Mary Chia Holdings brand values
Vision and values
Similar to my previous body massage treatment at Masego, I eagerly anticipated my Sand Bath Therapy. I always look forward to my experiences with Masego as they are very good at helping you relax, going right down to the tiniest details — from the moment you enter, you are embraced by soothing music with a soft tribal groove. I was served a warm cup of tea as I sat and waited for my therapist.

Masego Singapore Beauty Blogger
Pardon my tired face with no make-up on, hehe :)
They also provide spacious lockers for you to store your belongings. I had a huge laptop bag with me that day, and there was ample space to even hang my clothes!

Masego Spa Review

After stashing away your belongings, you are handed a clean set of robes, a shower cap, a set of disposable underwear and a pair of slippers to change into.

Masego Safra Spa Review


Sand Therapy, also known as "Psamotherapy", was first practiced in Siwa, Cairo, in ancient Egypt. Immersing the entire body (except the head) in heated sand is believed to purge the body of "stagnant, impure water" that causes diseases, rheumatic pains and arthritic conditions. This is pretty popular in other countries as a form of therapy. A 30-minute thermal sand bath supposedly removes 3 - 4 litres of 'dirty water' in the form of perspiration.

Masego Sand Bath Therapy
Enjoying the burial in sand!
The therapist initially slathered me in a special herbal oil blend with aromatic salts and herbs. I was then wrapped in plastic. It was a strange experience but I was glad I went for the treatment — since I have been suffering from indigestion lately. Finally, I entered the sand box and the therapist carefully used a shovel to envelop me in the sand.

Masego Sand Bath Therapy

As the sand box is heated, I began perspiring profusely after about 15 minutes. It was a really wonderful experience — the grains of sand heavily pressed upon every part of my body, and I could feel each and every drop of perspiration oozing from my skin and trickling down my body. No hygiene concerns though — they have another layer of plastic within the sand itself! 

Masego Sand Bath Therapy
After the therapy: Aromatic oils and herbs have diffused into my skin
After the therapy, you can take a refreshing shower in their in-house bathroom.

Masego Shower Facilities
Shower facilities at Masego

Masego Sauna and Steam Room

After the treatment, they usher you to an area where you can continue to relax and enjoy the post-treatment therapy. The lush green environment is an oasis of calm that you can hardly find in an urbanised environment.

Inside masego

I was served a cup of sweet hot tea and red bean soup. My mum says they sometimes serve white fungus soup! How nourishing!

Masego post-treatment review

masego prices and rates
Other services provided at Masego

Now you don't have to hop on a plane to Egypt to experience this much-raved about thermal sand spa experience! Experience an authentic thermal sand bath therapy for just S$49 nett!

Session includes:
- Application of CIMU herbal oil blend
- Body Wrap
- Thermal sand immersion infused with aromatic salts and herbs

SAFRA Jurong
Level 3, 333 Boon Lay Way
Singapore 649848
Contact: +65 6790 1661
Masego — The Safari Spa: Egyptian Sand Spa Therapy Masego — The Safari Spa: Egyptian Sand Spa Therapy Reviewed by Littletinysun on 10:30:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. The price seems to be quite affordable and from what you post, it seems to be very effective. I'll probably recommend this to my sister.

    1. Hi Billy! Yes, I was surprised at the price as well — if I'm not wrong, this must be their promotional price! As for effectiveness, my skin felt smoother and whiter. My indigestion was okay for one to two days before coming back again though :( think it's my eating habits, haha

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