Supply and Demand: A review

If you've visited and loved Supply and Demand's flagship outlet at Esplanade Mall, you would probably be smitten by the ambience they've created over at orchardgateway as well. One of my friends urged us to give this outlet a try, and after checking out reviews on Danielfooddiary and LadyIronChef, I had high expectations of their food offerings. However...

Supply and Demand Tea

The food looked very different from what we had seen on their reviews. I felt pretty deceived, but optimistically hoped the taste would be better. Here's an evaluation of how the various items went:

Intorno A Mezzanotte / Round Midnight — S$18 (Reg, 9"), S$22 (Large, 13")

Intorno A Mezzanotte / Round Midnight
The pizzas are supposedly cooked in a wood-fired oven, yet ours had no fragrant smoky or charred aroma. I didn't really like it because it wasn't hot enough, and they were quite stingy with the toppings. Our first thought was, "Woah, taste like lao hong (Hokkien for soggy, deflated)". It had a sourish taste from the heavy tomato base.

Fries with a Side of Guilt — S$14

fries with a side of guilt truffle fries supply and demand
The name of this dish correctly prophesied my feelings after consuming it. I certainly felt guilty and bad about ordering this dish because it had NO wow-factor at all. The thick-cut fries were soggy, and the flavours from the measly toppings did not blend well. We also spotted a mess of oil at the bottom of the tin can!

fries with a side of guilt truffle fries supply and demand
Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this appetizer were the sauces (which they initially forgot to serve) — we had to drown our fries in them to be at peace with our taste-buds. Perhaps one of the worst fries of 2014: they may look good but don't taste good, at all.

Aglio Olio E Peperoncino (with Chicken) - S$14 (Tasting), S$18 (Full)

Supply and Demand menu Aglio Olio E Peperoncino (with Chicken)
Another disappointment was this serving of pasta. We ordered a full portion but felt like we were having a kid's meal - less than 10 spoonfuls and the plate was spick-and-span. The pasta was hard and unevenly cooked, with some bits that seemed raw. It seemed as though someone had done a less-than-thorough job. 

Arrabbiata (with Shrimp) - S$14 (Tasting), S$18 (Full)

Supply and Demand Arrabbiata (with Shrimp)
This was the much-awaited highlight of the meal! The pasta was much springier and more thoroughly cooked, and the tomatoes were infused with herbs and fragrance from the shrimp. The cheese topping was amazingly fresh! I would say you MUST order this if you're dining here.

Supply and Demand Arrabbiata (with Shrimp)
Couldn't find the shrimps
The shrimps were almost invisible, don't bother looking for them. We felt the service was terribly slow, but were really satisfied that they constantly refilled our glasses. I don't really fancy crowded places, but Supply and Demand was packed when we visited in the evening... it's difficult to hold a carefree conversation when you have hungry people glaring at you from the outskirts of the restaurant. Long snaking queues are expected, so you'd probably wish to consider if this place is really worth a visit.

Modern Italian Trattoria & Pizzeria
277 Orchard Road
#02-13/14 orchardgateway Singapore 238858
Contact: (+65) 6702 6218
Monday - Sunday: 11.30AM To 10.30PM

Supply and Demand: A review Supply and Demand: A review Reviewed by Littletinysun on 12:25:00 AM Rating: 5

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