6 difficulties Singaporeans face at mealtimes

There are some mealtime challenges that we all have in common, such as the never-ending search for the perfect place to hold hearty conversations as we fill our bellies. I’m sure these first world problems resonate with many of you out there. Indeed, they are part of what makes us uniquely Singaporean!
Difficulties and challenges for Singaporeans

1. Don’t know what to eat

What to eat in singapore

Hands up if your responses to “What should we eat today?” are constantly:

‘No idea...’
‘Up to you...'

Sometimes it irritates the hell out of all of us, but we sure have been guilty of this at some point! *sheepish grin*

2. Don’t know where to go

Where to go in Singapore?
Planning a gathering on this tiny island is deceptively easy. Everyone has their opinions and preferences. There’s nothing much in Tampines, Jurong is too far, Orchard is too crowded… and so on. Or perhaps you’ve been hanging out at the same places all the time and think there’s nowhere interesting in Singapore.

3. Queue is too long

Why Singaporeans queue?

If there’s no queue, we immediately have doubts about the quality/taste of the food. Perhaps our favourite pastime is queuing? A queue seems to indicate that the food is good. Yet, we are put off by the waiting that inevitably accompanies long queues.

4. Food is too mainstream

Food is too mainstream meme

We all desire to identify as unique individuals -- and mainstream food is just too bleh. Though Singapore is a food haven, we always desire to indulge in innovative flavours and try novel creations to set us apart from “the rest”.

5. Food is not Instagram-worthy

Awful-looking food

Before our generation, people used to respectfully invite their parents to begin eating before they could do so. Now, we take 20 photos of our food and select the nicest ones to post on Instagram, before tucking in. Our choice of food is determined by another factor other than taste: does the food look good on Instagram?

6. The food you fancy busts your budget

Food memes Singapore

What’s for brunch? With Eggs Benedict typically going for at least $15 and your hot cuppa averaging $5, you soon realize such indulgences are quite economically unsustainable. Add an appetiser for $6 and your dessert for $4, and that’s an uncomfortable $30 in total!

Behold your perfect solution — a new mobile application called Sugar. Here’s what Sugar is all about:

  1. Helps you discover unique offerings — from cafes to casual restaurants— based on your location.
  2. Tells you what’s worth a try through its in-app reviews.
  3. Cool and trendy — sums up the merchants on Sugar. Your food photos are sure to stand out in your newsfeeds.
  4. Prices can be reduced to as low as $1.00 (or even less). For example, a latte (U.P. $5.50) could be bought for less than $2.00. Through a unique skimming function, you can share goodies with your friends and get them to help you reduce prices! 
  5. More than just an app for food, Sugar also helps you discover interesting events, workshops, concerts and more. You can also enter draws with really attractive prizes — in fact, someone has recently won a year’s worth of sushi from Maki-San!

You could be next — Stand a chance to win tickets to the Super Junior World Tour OR a year’s worth of appetisers when you log onto Sugar now!

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Co-writer: Elphin Yeo

6 difficulties Singaporeans face at mealtimes

<h1>6 difficulties Singaporeans face at mealtimes</h1>
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