#MusicMigUp with Indonesian Idols and Steven Lim

Your relationship with celebrities does not have to be parasocial anymore. Enjoy a deeper connection with the stars when you use Mig.me, a social entertainment platform that grants you the opportunity to interact with celebrities one-on one. Currently used by 70 million users in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Mig.me allows you to get up-close and personal with celebrities such as Angelina Zhang, Utt, Allan Wu, Bondan Prakoso and more. Personally, it was a great pleasure to meet Indonesian Idol finalists at a recent Mig.me event with Stirling Bar & Grill.

stirling bar & grill
Hanging over the bar top, right across from our seats, are gorgeously-decorated scrunched ruffles and grass-covered walls. The tone was definitely set for a beautiful note (no pun intended).

Stirling Bar & Grill interior

Stirling Bar & Grill served up some Paprika Fries (S$5.00), Cajun Chicken Chunks (S$5.00), Garden Salad (S$7.00), and Steak Tartare. The latter was made specially for the event — you can't find it on the menu.
Stirling Bar & Grill Paprika Fries

The paprika fries are heavily seasoned with the deep orange-red spice, giving off a mildly pungent flavour. We warn you — this could be quite addictive!

cajun chicken chunks stirling
Another addictive bar bites item is the Cajun Chicken Chunks!
Unfortunately, the garden salad lacked that 'oomph' factor. It consisted of only chopped onions, raw carrots, a mesclun mix and balsamic vinegar. It tasted like a dish any home chef could easily whip up. 
Stirling Bar & Grill garden salad

It was my first encounter with Beef Tartare! Served on rye bread and seasoned with ground pepper and finely-chopped capers, the rawness of the beef is something I was pleasantly surprised at. It definitely didn't taste like sashimi, one of my (raw) hot favourites — but I must admit I did enjoy the cattle juices very much!
steak tartare singapore stirling bar and grill
Beef Tartare
Nothing quite beats enjoying a live music showcase that gently soothes your soul. Let's hear from these vocal Indonesian Idols and you'll know why it's so soothing.

Rinni Wulandari (Season 4 Winner)

Indonesian Idol Rini Wulandari

Watch Rinni singing an Adele cover here:

We were very amazed with local guitarist Abdul Shukor Jalil. He could play any song on the spot, super professional!
Rini indonesian idol
Me with gorgeous Rinni :D

 Lucky Octavian (Season 1 Finalist)

Indonesian Idol Lucky Octavian

lucky indonesian idol
With Lucky :D

Michael Jakarimilena (Season 1 Finalist)

Indonesian Idol Michael Jakarimilena

micky indonesian idol
With Michael aka Micky

They went on to sing a duet together!

Indonesian Idol Michael Jakarimilena

Watch Lucky and Michael singing here:

Steven Lim

We were told that a mysterious guest would arrive, and were really surprised it was none other than the red-headed Singapore Idol Season 1 contestant!
steven lim
Look at the expression of Jalil, the guitarist!
Find out if Steven Lim sings as well as the Indonesian Idols here:

The event ended with them singing a finale song, and of course, Steven Lim did what he does best — dance.
Indonesian Idol


Indonesian Idol Rini, Lucky and Michael

Indonesian Idol Rini, Lucky and Michael

singapore bloggers

Thanks mig.me for the invitation to the event! It was a pleasure to meet Luna, Ching How and Miranda as well! Not forgetting the wonderful guitarist :) 
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