The aMAYzing month of May with Portico

For the month of May, Portico has made 'Saturdays at Portico' fun and exclusive for lunch patrons at 3pm! Activities included a plating demo by Portico's chefs of our Deconstructed Black Forest dessert and a hands-on 'make-your-own margarita' session. Apart from their regular menus, they also host bar tasting sessions at our restaurant.You can be assured that your dishes are only made up of the freshest ingredients of the day. 
View from the inside of the restaurant

My bf and I had the privilege to have one of our Saturday afternoons spent in Portico — and it was truly an enjoyable and memorable experience. We started off with Truffle fries as an appetiser.

The truffle fries contain a generous portion of white truffle salt, making it extremely fragrant. However I thought it was overly salty (but addictive) for me. I especially loved how they topped it off with shaved aged gruyere and some garnishing — a really simple act that made a tasty difference.

What makes Portico different from other restaurants? I especially love their VERY personalised service. Their Chefs (we had Chef Nixon that day) plate the dishes right in front of you and explain what ingredients they use, and where it is FROM. Very, very informative and personalised and we totally loved it.

So we had the opportunity to plate our own dish — and here's what it contains: a wonderful salad of vine-ripened tomatoes, jamon serene slices, organic quinoa and topped with a honey melon dressing. Plating it with a loved one and wonderful friends beside you (@Aloysiusnoo and @ElphinYeo)  is exceptionally enjoyable :)

The lady behind me has a wealth of experience — probably everyone in the neighbourhood is familiar with her! Although it was her first time doing a demo session, I was really impressed with her precise measurements. Under her patient guidance I felt like I was ready to be a bartender, he he he.

Made my own Margarita — I don't know what it's called, but it sure is refreshing!

The session then turned into something highly educational. Hedrick Kwan from Plant Visionz showed this huge amazing garden scattered all over the outskirts of the restaurant. He also went around plucking the leaves (and there was a mini-cucumber, chilis, etc.) and eating it right on the spot. Other bloggers and instagrammers did that too! I didn't have the courage to because the mental imagery of my own plants at home is full of dust and dirt :'(.

Loved the ambience!

We also made a deconstructed black forest featuring 70% varlhona dark chocolate mousse, edible hazelnut soil, cherry coulis, caramel ice cream. I loved how they gave us the leeway to be creative with our dishes.

The crumbly chocolate soil, blobs of 70% dark chocolate mousse and popping candy gives your palate a walk through a mystical forest.

In our version, the plating symbolises new life springing forth from the dirt of the ground — a small sprout resting upon an egg even as the world around them is mired in chaos. 

I hope they are extending their sessions over the next few months so that more people could learn of this! I wouldn't mind dropping by again to try their wide range of menu selections.

Portico Singapore
991 Alexandra Rd
Singapore 119964

Food Last Orders: 2:30pm (Lunch), 10:30pm (Dinner)
Snacks Last Orders (Fridays & Saturdays) : 11:30pm
Drinks are available throughout the day,
The aMAYzing month of May with Portico The aMAYzing month of May with Portico Reviewed by Littletinysun on 10:56:00 AM Rating: 5

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